This came from a stupid dream I had, so please, make an exception for the lack of detail and thought that was put into this story. Thanks.

EDIT: If Humans Were Real....I'm an idiot, aren't I?

It was a normal Thursday afternoon, on a very normal summer day. I was being lazy, watching TV with my blanket wrapped around me like a tortilla wrapped around taco meat and beans. I was watching this video, something like, "If Dogs Were Humans". Strangely enough, it looked like my sister, my former step brother, and my former adoptive aunt were in the video. While I was watching the video, which wasn't important, I heard a knock on the door. I walked toward it, my dogs barking and scratching at my legs. Whoever was on the outside was yelling "Open the door, and come outside.". " I walked outside, shimmying through to keep my dogs from getting out. These people were relatively my height, and their voice sounded young, so I thought this was a practical joke my friends were pulling on me.

Then, the people revealed who they were. Let's just call them, Drago, Ray, and Infinity. I immediately recognized Drago as an old friend I knew before I moved, who played Animal Jam. In fact, they all shared that similarity, not knowing them, but they all played Animal Jam. In fact, they were my best friends on Animal Jam.

Drago asked in a robotic voice "How do you like to sleep?". Instead of running into my house, locking my door, and telling my parents, instead of doing what I should've done, I oafishly said "My head hurts when I sleep." Infinity took a blunt object, but not blunt enough to kill me, and swung at my head, knocking me out cold.

When I woke up, once again, instead of doing what I should've done and told my parents, I went inside and played Animal Jam. I shimmied inside again, trying to keep my two puppies from getting outside. I walked toward the couch where my orchid-colored laptop sat, seemingly begging me to get on and play Animal Jam. I opened it, typed my password, and logged in. I had the log-in screen on my computer every time I went to sleep or went to do something long.

As I logged in, something was different, the top menu more than anything else. The first thing that was on was my buddy list, not my jam-a-grams. My buddy list had only four people, Drago, Ray, Infinity, and someone named Membership Stores. There was a Jammer Wall icon, but when I opened it, it said "Feed". Apparently, it was something where you could send your drawings to people, but it would only stay in their feed for a few days unless they saved it. So, I followed Membership-Stores, and they were at someone's den, introducing them to membership. So, Membership-Stores is an AJHQ type user that introduces people to membership, cool. When I walked in, they started yelling at me. "GET OUT! GET OUT! I'M BUSY! GET OUT!" they screamed. The person they were showing to membership seemed awfully startled, because they left. I left, going back to Jamaa Township.

A jam-a-gram interrupted my disturbed feeling, but when I opened it, I felt more disturbed. When I opened the jam-a-gram, it was from Drago, it said "Follow Me". Once again, instead of saying "No" and logging off, I followed her. When I arrived at where she was, the land looked like a torn-down and mud-stained Summer Carnival, with sad clowns and stale cotton candy. The song was a reversed Diamond Shop theme with slowed down phantom sounds echoing in the background. All the people there were unreleased animals, including a sloth. None of them had nametags which didn't really surprise me after all that had occurred. Ray was a wildebeest, Infinity was a squirrel, and Drago was a giant pet polar bear on two legs, changing into a cobra. My arctic wolf stood there, unable to move. The cobra striked, knocking my wolf back, and then my screen went black. Then, slowly fading in, shaking white letters said "You sleep very well, it seems."

So, after this, I go onto Animal Jam in fear. I'm a coward. All the clothes I had on my wolf felt secretly bloodstained, crammed with the secrets of the attack. I still talk to Drago, Ray, and Infinity, but it's different now. I have a tiny heart attack every time I see them. I don't WANT to see them. In fact, I didn't see them until they started trying to talk to me. All I know is, those people weren't Drago, Ray, and Infinity. They wouldn't do that. But I only have one question for you, after all that has happened....How do YOU like to sleep?