"No comment."


This is the sequel to "If you like me, come to my den" 2: Electric Boogaloo, which is a sequel to "If you like me, come to my den".

It's a musical now. That's it. You don't need to read this. Wait, you want to? BE WARNED!


Chapter 1: A Simple Day, Nothing Happens Anyway

NARRATORThe Ultimate Chimera found the corpse of a person he ate.

That somebody wanted a date.

The person had built a house and boat,

and yet he almost got eaten by a goat.

It's hard to explain,

and the Chimera remembered Julian2's cry of pain.

People thought he was evil and dark, but all he did when he wasn't trolling and killing was groan and bark.

He wanted to protect the world from devistation, and unite the people of his nation.

He wanted to show the evils of clans and online love,

and make his fame go over the stars above.

He had killed Fman a long time ago.


NARRATOR: Suddenly, he heard a boom,

and he checked his room.

Chapter 2: He's After Madjaster

NARRATOR: He looked all over, and found a monocle and a hat.

Yeah, let's just forget about that.

He got out his laptop

and he clicked Chimera Chrome on his desktop.

He got on Animal Jam,

and he totally forgot about his leftover ham.

He found the clanner he was after.

It was the one and only Madjaster.

His den was locked, but he had a plan.

He would try to act like somebody in his clan.

He typed in something he knew,

ULTIMATE CHMERA: Oh, Madjaster, where art thou?

NARRATOR: Madjaster ran over to the Chimera with shock.


NARRATOR: Mad stared at him.

The lights in the Chimera's house were dim.

Mad sent him a friend request.

The Ultimate Chimera knew the Jaster would die like the rest.

Chapter 3: Clanners and Scammers

ULTIMATE CHMERA: "You can get an animal like this one at Wal-Mart"'

NARRATOR: the Ultimate Chimera told him with his Chimera avatar.

MADJASTER: Cool! I live next to a Wal-Mart! Does membership come with it so I can get a volcano den?

NARRATOR: Madjaster asked, looking at who he called ChimeraStar.

ULTIMATE CHMERA: Yes, it comes with tons of diamonds and membership.

NARRATOR: the Chimera turned around.

ULTIMATE CHMERA: "But, it's hidden deep in the birthday isle of the store."

NARRATOR: Madjaster stared at the Ultimate Chimera both in real life and in AJ. He never heard of anything like this before.

NARRATOR: But, something told Mad to check to see if the strange creature was right.

MADJASTER: Fine, I'll see, but if not, be prepared to fight.

NARRATOR: The Ultimate Chimera turned off his computer and ran down each stair,

he was still randomly disturbed by the fact the EarthBound fandom pictured him with hair.

He acted like Solid Snake in the Wal-Mart,

and he usually hid behind the covers of Mario Kart.

He eventually made it to the birthday section,

he hid behind a birthday mirror, looking at his amazing reflection.

MADJASTER: I  guess the dragon card is here...

NARRATOR: a voice remarked.

An idea in the Chimera's head just sparked.

He could start targeting not only maters and clanners, but also scammers.

But now was not the time.

He jumped at Madjaster, killing him in a murderous crime.

The Remover Tooth went through Mad's head.

Nobody did anything but watch in dread.

You might be asking, why am I making this song so dark?

I don't know, so just be like the Ultimate Chimera and groan and bark.

Time was reversed, and Madjaster was gone.

Chapter 3: A Strange Change

NARRATOR: When the Ultimate Chimera got on Animal Jam again the next day, something was different and strange.

Ultimate Chimera 2 by ArrowLizardPlz

Madjaster's loss caused such a change.

Was it the fact clans were much less common, and Sarepia Forest was not nearly as full?

Was it the fact that there was not many Jammers who loved roleplaying and using blood and sometimes a skull?

ULTIMATE CHIMERA'S BIRD: No. It wasn't any of that.

In fact, there was just one different hat.

NARRATOR: It was the bird on the Ultimate Chimera's head that replaced the Eagle Hat in the store!

This had never happened before.

A message popped up on the Ultimate Chimera's screen.

The background turned green.

"You have been banned because of killing Jammers. Your ban will end in:"

The Ultimate Chimera felt like he was a fish who lost a fin.


The Chimera raged at these words. When did he usually get mad? Never.

He smashed the keyboard, until something came up.

BACKGROUND: It was the source code for AJ's homepage,



it was the source code for AJ's homepage.

ULTIMATE CHIMERA: I think It's by time I take the front stage!

NARRATOR: Thus, he edited the page to have nothing but himself, the Ultimate Chimera.

A lot of Jammers caught it on camera.

The edits were eventually undone,

but the Ultimate Chimera had apparentally won.

He got a free unban.

He was nothing more than the biggest fan 

of the Masked Man.