"It's all their fault! They took my spike!"

"It's all their fault! They ruined everything!"

"It's all their fault! Now I'll never get my stuff back!"

Those are the words one can hear all the time on Animal Jam. Just go to Jamaa Township and there's a hellhole of whiners.

But, time for a recap. What are these, actually?

Pixels. Goddamn pixels.

But like anyone actually believes the sane people on Animal Jam.

"So", you might be asking, "where's my (cliché) story!?"

Well, here it is. \/


"The Ibex horns were removed because of satanism!"

"The horse coin was removed because it looked like something bad!"

"The neon bow was removed because I said so!"

What if that was all a lie? (Especially if you say something was removed, genius) What if it was still here, just not visible to the "normal" eye?

Sooner or later, they'll say that for the first few hours of the Rare Polka Dot Tuxedo. Nobody could find it in any store. So easily, people say it was "removed". Let me just object and say it was "invisible" as one could call it.

One user had found it, but they knew a ban was coming because slander would say they hacked it. That user was Hanna112610.

Hanna doesn't exist now if you know what I mean. Look her up on the buddy system. She's not there.

So she did what any fool would do. She traded it away for more pixels. Rarer pixels. To a poor, unsuspecting user by the name of Luluput302. Or was it 332? I can't remember anymore.

Lulu was a non-member, so she gave it to Emmabunny22901, one of her 'best friends'.

Emma, proud of having something nobody else did, wore it and put it on her trade. But by that point, everyone found it and were happy to have the item. But Emma here had the test version. Only, she didn't know, and her game began to screw with here.

Usually, you here the wonderfully cheery tune once you get to Jamaa Township. It keeps going on, repeating itself. You hear a different one around the holidays, but one thing was different on Emma's account.

"You did this to me."

"How could you trade those pixels."

"How could you be such an idiot."

"Everything's gone."

Faint voices. Being a ten-year-old with a keen sense of hearing, she easily noticed this. She headed off to Mt. Shiveer, a less hot spot. Everything was normal. The Hot Cocoa Hut, the Pet Finder, the hot spring, everything was fine. She decided to wear a bow instead, so she clicked on her purple fox, and went to a bow in her inventory. She clicked it multiple times.

Nothing. It wouldn't come on.

She sighed, but smiled. "It'll be fine." She said to herself.

The game logged itself out. Normal when you have screwy WiFi on an old Dell Computer.

She logged in again, but the new jammer screen came up.

"Welcome to Jamaa!" It said, "Please pick an animal!"

She groaned, and looked at her options. It was every animal. The catch was they all were wearing the Rare Polka Dot Tuxedo with white, possessed eyes. She clicked the fox.

"What will your animal's name be?"

She clicked the red level in a carefree manner, and it landed on AAA. Knowing this wasn't a name, she clicked again. UUU. She clicked the arrow and continued.

"Now, please put in the information needed and you'll be off to Jamaa!"

She clicked 10, her age, and March 15, 2005, her birthday. Then, she proceeded to type her username, Emmabunny22901. Instead, the keyboard seemed to have other plans.

"Pixels." Complete with the period. It showed up as red, so she deleted it all, and something else came up.

"Listen while you had the chance." It deleted itself after she finished reading.

"Th-this isn't fair!" She yelled. The username space continued to type.

"I know." Then, deleted, "For unfairness, your new username shall be this--I. Lied. And. Hacked."

It proceeded to type, "LIE" as the password. Emma couldn't think of a time when this happened on Animal Jam. She never lied or hacked.

Or so she thought.

It typed "LIE" again to confirm the password.

"Now for your email!" The usual voice said. Then, it typed a random email,""

It then sent her to Jamaa. There was the original intro with Liza. The "beta" one. One issue was that the voice was deep and was buzzing. Kind of breaking up on her.

"Welcome to Jamaa! My name is Liza!"

She sighed.

"Click the mouse to move close to me." Liza said She listened, and tried to move, but nothing happened. It repeated itself until,

"Well, are you going to move or n-" It stopped.

"Red." It said in a static voice.

It screamed, and the intro went whizzing by, and she was doing nothing, just sitting and watching. Then, it went to her den.

The screaming noise became buzzing noises, and then the words, "You shouldn't have done that." Kept appearing on her screen.

She had buddied Lulu, and so she went to her den. The doorbell noise didn't come up. The medley playing in a non-member's den didn't come up. It was all white.

"You did this you beach!" She yelled, in all caps, "It's all your fault!"

"What?" Her light green wolf asked.

"You ruined my account, it's all your fault!"

Lulu locked her out of her den. She did the sad emote and cried in Jamaa Township.

A few people watched.

"What's wrong?" Someone said.

"It's all their fault!" She said, "I got hacked! My account is crazy!"

Note she's saying words not allowed in the filter.

"Yeah right. It's all just pixels. Calm down." Someone said sarcastically.

The mouse moved and clicked on Deep Blue, but all that came up was black. Some music was playing, but none she'd ever heard before. It sounded like it was a music box melody.

She watched silently as her fox stood up, jumped, fell, and died. The white eyes began to glow red while they were closed, and her whole computer turned red. She punched it furiously and went downstairs.


I got on my account, hoping that goddamn item was gone. I got on, but the words "You happy now?" Whispered, and I got banned.

The reasons were, and I quote, "Scamming, Hacking, Swearing, and Death"

My sins still cling to me to this day.

Because after all, I'm the "infamous" Hanna112610.

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