It was a cloudy afternoon, medium winds, and I was playing Animal Jam. I put in my username, "Fluttershy123." My friend, Marina, was talking to me, we were on Skype. As I was chatting to Marina, this user named, "unexpectedvisitor" sent me a buddy request. It was a panda covered in midnight black. He had "red splats" on his fur. I thought of blood. His eyes were "x"s and it had blood oozing down. Why would Animal Jam let this user have this avatar? Animal Jam is meant for children 12 and under, not for mature people.

I asked Marina if I should accept the request. Marina said, "Uhm, maybe not..." So, I declined the request. I reported the user for an inappropriate action, which was making his animal like that. A few minutes after, my Animal Jam was logged out. I tried to refresh, but my computer's screen was midnight black, like unexpectedvisitor's fur. I was afraid, but I turned my computer back on. When I logged back in, my animal wasn't a pink-and-yellow Arctic Wolf with the name, "Miss Sparklegem" anymore, instead it was a panda covered in midnight black. It has "red splats" on his fur. The eyes were "x"s and it had blood oozing down. My name was, "Mutant Scarypride." I was shivering. It had felt like I was in a dream, which I really was.

I was sleeping on my keyboard, pressing the letter "G", which made it look like I was typing on Skype instant message. My phone was what woke me up. I rubbed my eyes as I grabbed the phone: "Marina has sent a text to you." I put my pin code in and Marina sent me a text saying: "OMG!! MARIANNE! ARE YOU OKAY?! PLEASE WAKE UP!"

I sent her a text saying: "It's okay. I'm fine. Calm down, I just slept on my keyboard. Must have been the test earlier."

When I rolled my pink plush rolling chair back at my desk, I went back on Skype and video called Marina. By the time she picked up, her screen was all red, but something unusual was there too, unexpectedvisitor's animal was on there. Sounds came out, it was Marina screaming. "DON'T HURT MY FRIEND! I WILL KILL YOU!!!" I yelled at the computer screen. The horrific animal laughed, evilly.

"As you can see, Marianne. We can be buddies, but we can't be enemies."

I was confused on what he said. I felt my face and more blood came out. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" I yelled at the computer screen again. Static had appeared on the screen. I put a towel on my face, shut down my laptop, and ran to Marina's house. I had a hard time running to her house since I was in my fuzzy bunny slippers. I fell once, but I stood back up. I was holding a knife in my right hand. I held it tightly and opened Marina's door, it was ajar. I went up the stairs, noticing a blood trail.

'Unexpectedvisitor,' I thought, 'you're not going to hurt my friend.' I saw Marina and I accidentally stabbed her, in her heart. I fell down on my knees and cried tears. I kept crying and crying until I cried blood. I ran home and wept on my bed. I was finally asleep. The next day, I went to school and every single one of the students were staring at me.

They were whispering, "Ooh, she's the one who killed Marina.", "Marianne? I thought she was good!", "She's such a jerk. They were best friends."

I ran to the bathroom and everyone had a nasty face. I went into one of the stalls and locked it. I started crying really hard. I slept in the stall and it was 6:30 PM, 4 hours past dismissal. I ran out the stall and kicked down the locked doors. I ran to my house and laid in my bed. I glared at my laptop and decided to log out every single account I had, even my Animal Jam. Nothing happened, it just let me log out. As I logged out, I decided to sell my laptop to my other friend, Jodi, for $50. She decided to take it. I was so happy. I picked up my phone and I got a text message, it was from Jodi. She just told me thanks. I sent her a text back saying, "Welcome anytime." As I was laying down on my bed, I stared at the ceiling. 'Why did all this happen to me?' I thought. I closed my eyes and told myself, "I will never get on Animal Jam for the rest of my life, ever again." That was a promise to myself.

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