It was a normal day in Animal Jam, Jammers were crying out for rares and trades, asking for mates, and of course, THE DRAMA. But don't get me started on my mile long list of annoying jammers I saw on that day. I always thought: Am I the only normal jammer?

I moved my fox around, it had a pink head flower and a pink and purple elf tail on, from the shop of course. I was extremely unrare. Did I care? The answer was NO. One day I saw someone yell out: HAUNTED SHOP MY DEN! REAL HAUNTED STUFF!

Like get real. How are there haunted stuff in Animal Jam!? I went to her den just because I was curious. She had scary stuff. That's what I thought. She also had a shop! There were three jammers in a line, including me. Before I knew it, it was my turn.

"What do you have for sale?," I asked.

"Sorry I only have a 'Spiked Spike' left," She answered.

I bought it for one necklace. INCREDIBLE! It was a black long rare collar. My dream item! Just for one necklace!

"Be careful; don't put it on." She said.

I went to my den. I ignored her warning and put it on. Suddenly the screen zoomed in to my fox. Its spikes suddenly turned inwards and starting growing into her neck. Cutting it, and before I knew it;

Blood was dripping down my neck, it was cutting my wind pipe! I started suffocating. My last thoughts were

I am home alone.. will anyone find me? Will anyone know what happened? Will I ever be alive to warn the jammers?

Next thing I saw was darkness.

So be careful jammers of your spikes. Even if they aren't rare, or black or long. It could be any spike you get.