Liza's Creativity

Liza's Creativity
Now to most people, Liza is the motherly figure, kind, calm and collected. Wouldn't hurt a fly, but you would be wrong. She's actually more than that, and I accidentally found that out the hard way.

I logged on to Animal Jam one day, just to see what the Rare Item Monday item was. I went into Jamaa Township. Except something was wrong, nobody was there. I checked every spot in Jamaa and asked if anyone was there in the chat. Then I saw a note with some red paint on it taped to the Mira Statue's chest.

I clicked on the note, hoping it would tell what had happened to everybody. It read "The rabbit has fallen, and so has the patterns, but now red's on the ground, drowning out the colors". I read over it a couple more times, taking in what the heck I had just read. I decided that I would check all the lands, even the underwater ones. I checked all of them except Coral Canyons, which is were I was heading last.

I got into Coral Canyons and checked everywhere except the Art Studio. Alright, last place before I just give up and log off I thought. The door was covered in red paint splotches and red glitter with a sign that read "Do not enter". Of course since I don't listen to instructions, I went in anyway, I mean what could possibly go wrong?

I clicked to open the door, making the sign pretty much useless in my eyes. The screen went black for a couple seconds, making me think my game crashed. Until the game slowly showed up again. I imagined my pupils getting small in fear, like they would in a cartoon. I didn't think a game made for children would do this.

The floor was covered in blood and the art easel had intestines wrapped around it, but who was using it almost made me freeze and stop breathing. Liza was painting on the canvas delicately with a blood-tipped brush. She turned to my arctic wolf and stared at it calm and collected. The screen turned to my arctic wolf's point of view.

"Do you like it, little wolf?" Liza asked calmly, but instead of the box of text that would appear on the screen, she actually spoke it. "Where did you get that from?" I typed, knowing that the chat filter would probably filter it out. "No need to type young one, I can hear you." She said soothingly. My head starting spinning, she can hear me? Now that the chat filter was out of the picture, I could say anything I want. I didn't want to cuss her out, since i didn't know what she was capable at this point.

"You didn't answer my question, where did you get the blood?" I asked. "Oh how rude of me, I got it from her." Liza said as she pointed with the brush towards the far right. The way she said "her" caused a shiver down my spine but I looked at where she pointed the brush to. There, the where the old rug in the middle was moved to, Peck was lying on the rug dying.

I rushed over toward her and sat in front of her. She had blood under her eye, cuts on her flank, almost all of her left ear was gone, and she was under a pool of blood. "Oh no no no" I trailed off disgusted. "You tried... friend.." She gasped for breath once more before she slowly closed her eyes and went completely limp. "W-Why..." I said as I was barely able to make a sound.

"Peck was always making art, slacked off, and had no problems!" She said starting her long rant. "She had to do nothing and was no help whatsoever! The only job she had was to be creative and art! I'm creative all the time but do I get recognition? No! It's my turn to shine for being creative now!" I know what it is like to get no recognition for nothing you do, but killing is never the answer!

"But killing Peck is not the Solution!" I yelled at her. Yep, I have officially lost it, I am literally yelling at pixels I thought. "Well I don't care what you think, you're just getting in the way!" She yelled. This isn't like her I thought. I knew Liza as a sweet, calm, brave, good leader, not as a killer wanting to murder people. Before I could say or do anything, Liza approached me. She let out a soft smile and said "Bye, bye now."

My screen went black as blood splattered across it and flashed a blinding light. I was logged out right after that. I tried to log in again, but to no avail. If I were you I wouldn't go near this game if you can help it. And if you do somehow cross its path, brace yourself.

*Thanks for whoever tried to fix this. I had no idea it got vandalized!*