Thisispi's first ever CreepyPasta. Please rate and comment so I can get better. :)


"Everyone has their own ways. In this case, I have fear."

Flora Magicgem was trotting along on Jamaa Township. She was a fox, and wasn't too rare. She had two fox hats, a pirate sword, and, her greatest possession, a founders hat. Since she had joined in the beta days, she had some rares left over. She had other semi-rares, seasonal items, you name it! She wasn't a you tuber, just a normal (slightly-rare) jammer. So, she was a normal jammer doing normal things. Today, she was trading. One Arctic Wolf said "TRADE MEH OR DIE!" Flora was surprised, and looked on the trade list. A necklace was there, though the user (Wretched Arcticboy) was being traded a lot. Flora completely disregarded this and went to another server. There was an Arctic Wolf named Wretched Arcticboy. He said "MY DEN OR DIE!" surprised once more, Flora cautiously entered his den. She was so flabbergasted she almost fell over in her chair. The den was like no other. It was filled with betas and seasonals and, what? Clothing items! Flora clicked on an unreleased gazelle horn, and it turned into a name tag. FLORA, it said in blood-red font.

Blood red.

FLORA, whispered her headphones. Flora, shivering and sweating, left the den.

The next day, in Animal Jam, she had 5 jam a grams. FLORA, one said. It too was blood red. The next one said "COME" Flora was curious, and curiosity killed the fox, right? The next one whispered "TO" the next: WRETCHED, the last one, ARCTICBOY. Almost ready to log off and quit completely, Flora clicked reply. The player card for Wretched showed up. She clicked the go to button, and she was transported to Wretched's den. Wretched was covered in blood, and his eyes were a shade of blood.

Blood. He said, and her headphones whispered, "ahhhhh, you have obeyed us," Flora, screaming, tried to log out but couldn't. " ohhhhh, you have decided to join us," Flora's fingers shortened and bended over to turn into clawed paws. Black hairs sprung up from her arms as her nose elongated into a snout, and her human eyes turned the same shade of blood red. Blood. Blood red. Her ears pointed and grew into the ones of an Arctic Wolf. Her new tail was fully sprung. Then, her paws sunk into the keyboard, teleporting her into Jamaa, into Wretched's den. "You have made a valuable trade, a trade of your life." She now was no longer a she. She was now a thing. A horrible thing. A, as her name tag now said, A Wretched Arcticgirl. Her only thought now, and the last one she would have as a she was "I accepted." By thisispi. Should I do a sequel? Or more? Creepiness rating out of 20?

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