Well Lilac are you sure you want to place games?



That has scarred me every scince i play it

I'll tell you the story why

It was an ordinary day i saw Ads everywhereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee about this game so i decided to play this game eventually after i afew hours i was sucked in the addiction of this game i had to go to dinner i decided to go eat dinner but left it on.. for some reason iwas in this server called "aladin" in the so called jamaa township but some animals startered disapearing i thought how weird my animal was the last my animal was still standing but the animal gone it was like the black death and how the animal where all on there left with the pupils like a spek of light the background was salowwed in darkness the ground disapearing animal falling into ablys hearing the screams of animals "se préparer à rencontrer votre destin" a pop up came i think it was prepare to meet your doom in french but i log out without touching the log out button but for some reason the flag the bunny holds was violet..? and the log in thing was longer and repatly said This account was susspened and cannot log in at this time well of course i screen shotted it and tried to send it in to the so called ajhq but whiled i took it it went blurry i clicked log in but.... the was complete darkness the scence was grim animals howling in pain.

That my friend is a true story lilac you have been warned

of course lilac said your the master of horror stories but she went to school and dead animals were everywhere i could reconize my horse and her wolf but as soon as we entered our classroom.. i screamed help not as in anyone has an infinite rope or something i could tell that it was closing up put our fate was sealied väl detta är det min slut and here's the translation: well this is my ending the last two thing i heard was screams from every angle and the school bell

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