Okay, Im going to get some facts straight.

12 Hours is a Animaljam version of the Purge, where every year there is a day where you can kill, rob, torture, etc people for 12 hours.

But, This being Animaljam, Hacking, Scamming,Stalking, and even Killing ( Lol if it was allowed ) will be allowed for 12 hours,.

Also if you watched the Purge, there are teams where you can group up in and share the plunder of a hack or scam.

Lock Those Dens :)

The Spike

Flora Shyrose frowned.

Her friend had just gotten a long blue from the Forgotten Adventure without even inviting her.

They both knew what this meant, Flora was now below her friend in the rarity chart.

" I moved up a notch! " Her friend, Sparkle, was telling some Jammers.

" Good for you, Sparkle! " Flora faked a smile, she would take out her anger on her friend soon.

" I wish you were with me." Sparkle said, She would have invited her friend if she knew she would be getting a rare spike.

" Then Why didn't you! " Flora replied angrily.

Sparkle was taken aback.

Her real reason was that Flora was always boasting about her rares, and that Flora was always treating Sparkle like she was under her.

Sparkle wondered if Flora would still be her friend if she lost her membership. She scoured her mind for a excuse.

" Because I thought that I would get bad rares." She left Flora's den Looking Ashamed and not so Happy.

The Announcement

Sparkle erased her beta-full den.

Ten Minutes had flewn by and Flora didn't come, instead Flora was at Julian2's den, probably trading.

An Animaljam Announcement popped up, and she was about to click it away when the words 12 caught her eye.

" Animaljam has decided that Any legal crime is allowed in Animaljam for 12 hours, good luck, we hope you make it."

Her blood turned cold, Flora knew her password. She hurried offline and locked her account, as well as changed the password to something impossible to guess. Why would animaljam allow such a thing!? She logged on again, only to find that Jamaa was empty, everyone was in their dens cowering,

Her mouse slipped and it pressed the Sol Arcade. Slowly her animal moved towards the Arcade.

It was empty, unlike the Arcade she usually saw.

There was only one person in the Arcade,

Encounter with a Traitor

A Penguin with a silver baseball bat.

Flora pressed his username.' SilentSuicide.'

She slowly backed away and went to her den, locking it.

Flora then hid herself in the den, and stayed silent.

'bing' Someone was in her den

' Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing.' She watched in horror as The bat yeilding penguins entered her den as if it wasn't locked.

Their usernames chilled her to the bone.







A familiar Arctic wolf entered her den and she froze.

She knew who this arctic wolf was.

'Flora Shyrose'.


Time flew by, Sparkle didn't know how much time but soon an animaljam announcement emerged from her screen.

" 6666/1,000,000 hacked, killed, scammed and stalked, you have 3 more hours and Animaljam will be shutting down for a period of time."

She drew in her breath and watched the Penguins leave her den, but Flora didn't leave.

" Sparkle? " She called.

It took Sparkle everything to stop her itching fingers from writing Traitor.

She stayed silent.

" Sparkle? I want the spike and everything will be okay."

Flora was trying to Manipulate her, and again she edged away from her computer.

" Sparkle! Answer me! "

Sparkle angrily gripped the chair.

She had just typed a reply, but hadn't sent it yet.

Her fingers quivering she erased the reply and shut down her computer.

The Discovery

She logged on the next day, Jammers filled the worlds everything was normal. On the Animaljam news were the words 66666/1,000,000. Sparkle saw that some friends unbuddied her, the ones who perished in the 12 hours. Sparkle was going to unlock her account when something caught her eye.

Log in date.




and the last one said

9/12/2015, Account Delete date.

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