Play Wild BETA, Wild Work's upcoming app that was the mobile-ized version of their massive virtual world Animal Jam. The one that everyone was raving about and sending in their applications to be accepted into the beta testing stage.

The purpose of having beta testers was simple-they just need people to play the game and search for glitches to improve it before public release. However, my insight of this was immature. What I saw was an opportunity of what I couldn't accomplish in Animal Jam, such as getting rare items, a username I liked, bragging rights, and just overall experience. So I was overjoyed when I found in my email that my application had been accepted and I was invited to join their community.

I still kept the motive of being a beta tester in mind though. There were still glitches hovering around and it was fun playing the game. However, the community started off small and people rarely were in the game, so I was nearly never on.

A month or so passed before they updated the game, adding much more features. That's when things started kicking off and the numbers of players exceeded thousands. The game was much more enjoyable and it became a daily thing to log on like I did with Animal Jam.

That's when I noticed something odd that came with the multitude of jammers.

A grey wolf with golden Dragon Wings would hover about in Jamaa Township. Never talking, never moving, never doing anything. It was just...there.

At first, I just passed it off as someone that was away from the keyboard and would later return to playing, yet days went by with the person in the same spot. Their username remained as 'New Jammer' and they were never kicked off the game for being idle for too long.

I asked around the community about that, thinking it were just a glitch I had, but apparently a bunch of others had the same wolf on their screen also. They told me that they had received jamagrams and even buddy requests from the wolf. A staff member informed me that it was a test jammer, though I didn't really see the point of there being a test jammer since there was already a huge amount of people in the game. Regardless, I just shrugged it off.

Perhaps it was just one of those accounts used by the moderators, like in their game trailers and snapshots of the game. Whatever it was, it was non of my concern. So I continued to play the game normally, ignoring the ominous wolf watching the game.

Just a few days later I accidentally clicked its name tag and to my surprise their den was unlocked. I eagrly clicked their den, looking for something exciting or strage. Much to my disappointment, there wasn't anything out of the ordinary in its den. Just some furniture strewn around. I sighed and rolled over to the world map.

The wolf's username didn't show 'New Jammer' like it did on the player card. It said Henryjam.


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