400 took control long ago. XXXXXxXxxxXxxxXxxXXXxxXxXXXXx

Indeed, 400 was a strange... Thing. No gender, no breathing, just, something. Something so strange, no one knows what it can look like, what it eats, drinks, when it sleeps, how it sees, nothing. They just know it's there.

Wait, did I forget to mention that 400 is in Animal Jam?

Indeed. In a simple, fun game. Some say 400 means no harm, others say it's a virus planning to rid of all players. But, in this story. 400 finally speaks. No one knows what it sounds like, but today, it shall speak. Soon.


Chapter 1: Pedo Files

"Ah, waiting everyday for just one something to find me. I'm nothing but something, but I have an important role. What is that? Everything. Everything you may ever dream of coming. Though, after being ignored for a while, I no longer take consider of the requests these blindlings give me. Most of them are stupid, anyways. Not much ideas are even given anymore. I miss the times when small children, usually at the age of 6, maybe even 9, would stop by their favorite Animal Jam shop to give their dream ideas to me. Not AJHQ, me. 400."

"Today I'm just looking at the files. Files are lucky things, they actually see the children. Everyday. But, isn't that a bit creepy when you think about it? Heh, Files looking at children constantly. More like Pedo Files.

Oh, there I go. Getting sidetracked in things with no meaning without even realizing it... Can't even say one sentence without finishing it with something different. Well, maybe after this it'll all stop. After all, when you realize it, you just.. stop. But somehow, getting sidetracked in these funny little notes that have no relation with my original meaning is something I couldn't give up.

Damn, these feelings."

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