I opened my eyes and found myself in the hospital. I gasped for air as my heart was slowly pounding. Within a few seconds, it would stop. Doctors were rushing around and all about. I then closed my eyes.

"It's the end."

I couldn't open my eyes again. But I could only hear a little bit. My ears are buzzing, but I could hear a man saying,


I felt a small shock in my body, but that somehow made it worse.

I then stopped breathing.

My heart stopped pumping.

I was dead.

I then heard loud talking. I opened my eyes. Was I alive? No. I died, but now I am a ghost. But then I could see myself disappearing. What?

I thought ghosts or spirits couldn't die.

I then heard a voice in my head, "You're fake. You've been playing a computer game, Animal Jam for your entire life. You are a worthless little girl. You are nothing."

I screamed for help but I had no voice. I was disppearing. My body was fading away, and within a few seconds there was only my head. I yelled out,




I cried so much! My sister was dead! Lost!

I couldn't sleep for 3 nights straight! But then I remembered my sister's animal jam account. I thought I would log in and told her friends that she was dead.

But when I went to animal jam and logged into her account it only said,


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