Once long ago, when Jamma was still new and Zios & Mira were still making animals, there  was an arctic wolf. This arctic wolf was like no other. She was gorgeous. Not only that, but she was also as beautiful in the inside as she was on the outside. Her name was Aphrodite. Almost all of the animals were swoon by her lovely-ness. Everyone loved her so much, she was sent quite a few gifts. (It is rumored that this is how "mailtime" started.) She loved all of the gifts from the blue rugs to the diamond earrings to the founder's hats. As said before, she was also very caring. So, she gave all of these gifts to the poor.

Suddenly, as she was visiting her bunny friends, she noticed something from the sky. She assumed it was just rain, but she saw something weird. The "raindrops" were black! As they hit the ground, they turned into the evil, spider-like creatures we know today as phantoms. They started to attack animals and destroy buildings! As Aphrodite saw this, she immediately sprang into action. She tried to block the attacks, but she failed. Aphrodite was soon thrown into a broken building! Once she was thrown, the phantoms left for more lands to destroy.

As they left, the animals all huddled around her. Koalas tried to heal her, but she was unfixable. The animals knew it wouldn't work, so they just stood there watching, with hope. But their hope died. Aphrodite had fallen into a "deep sleep". Everyone cried, sobbed, and mourned. But, a miracle happened! Mira had seen the battle. She had brought Aphrodite back to life to protect the animals. Aphrodite is still traveling the lands of Jamma to care for any animals that need help.

And she is still loved.

The End.

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