The beta days were coming! I couldn't wait. I sat down in the dusty, old chair, watching the whistling wind threw the window. Sighing, I finished my drawing and walked outside. Some fresh air could do me good since I never EVER get out of the cabin. Sometimes I even opened a crack in the window just to get some air. I can't do anything since I broke my leg, thats why I wanna play aj.

Aj beta days

For once beta days were here! I ran out of bed, rushed to the computer, and played. Aj was different then I thought it would be. I created a account, logged in, and got membership. EVERYTHING WAS AWESOME!! I loved it. Really, I loved it. All the sudden, the lights went off. My hands were stuck playing the game. I couldn't move. My mom moved away. No one was there to save me! I went to someones den. This was empty, just a weird seal. What was this? A ghost or something? Then I stopped talking.

( This part was made by someone else or i got hacked thats why its gone ty )

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