WARNING! This story is very violent and scary O.O!

One day I was playing AJ and I was playing Special Delivery. I delivered the last batch of letters and the prizes were in front of me. I hopped I would get an owl statue. I opened the member chest and there was the owl statue I wanted. The AJ Updates came out earlier that day so I was able to get the new den. It was perfect for the statue. I placed it in my den and it was better than I thought it would be. It was really late so I decided it was time so sleep. I forgot to close my computer as I left the room but I had it plugged up so nothing would happen. I got into my room and quickly fell asleep because I was very tired.

Around 12 am I hear owl noises and flapping of wings. I didn't know what time it was but I looked at my window and it was still dark. As I was about to go back to sleep I saw a glaring white eye stare at me through my window. I had to keep myself from screaming. He left and even though I was frightened to deaf, I still fell back asleep as if nothing happened.

I woke up early and went onto AJ. I left AJ on by accident but my account was still up and not logged out. I went to look at my owl statue and the owl wasn't there. I thought it was my mind playing tricks. Suddenly, a window appears in my den like the one in my room. The owl stares at me like it did the night before. I was terrified but I couldn't close my computer. "Hello there Bunnyloverajj. Are you happy to see me?" The owl was talking as if it was human. "Oh cat got you tongue? Hehehehe... See you later my child." It flew away and I was paralysed by fear.

I went down stairs to tell my mom about it and I couldn't find her. Her car was here but she was no where to be seen. "Hello darling, how are you?" It wasn't my mom's voice but like the one of the owl's. I slowly turned around and the owl was there."W-w-w-where is my mom?!?!" I yelled. "Oh dear honey, are you feeling alright? Im right here! Oh I get it your talking about your real mom. She's gone forever. Now I have you FOREVER! HEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHE!!" The owl had red eyes and was staring into my soul. "Leave me alone!" My eyes started to shut even though I was full of energy. "Sleep tight my dear for you will never wake up again!" I was looking around and I say a needle in my arm. "Wha-what is thaat?" I asked dazed. "Poison my dear. Now sleeep."

A week later I found myself alive at a hospital. "Where am I?!?" I asked quickly. "Doctor she's awake!" A nurse yelled. A group of medics rushed by my side. " Whats the last thing you remember?" the doctor asked. " I was at home and an owl injected...poison into me." The medics exchanged glances. "Wheres my mom?" I asked out of the dead silence. "She's dead. Police discovered poison in her blood. We got you safe here just in time." My mother was dead. "Wheres the owl?" The medic's mouths were moving but I couldn't hear them. In the corner I saw the owl. "Im right here my dear! I'll ALWAYS be here!"

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