Author's Note: "stonecoldhack" is a made up username, as this is a Creepypasta, so if you see a username in there, it does NOT exist. I forgot to include this in my previous Creepypasta, so this is applied to the previous one as well.

Don't ever trust a wolf named Awesome Sunnybrave ever again. I have learned my lesson entirely.

It started about a week ago, I was in the Draa server. A friend of mine had gotten a black long and I was very happy for them. Despite the excitement, I went to the Pillow Room to see what kinds of things are happening. I happened to have encountered a non-member wolf, who was named Awesome Sunnybrave. I looked at their player card, and their username was "stonecoldhack". I was oblivious with the name. They said, "Let's be buddies!" as if they were in Bubble Chat. Their friend request popped up on my screen. I clicked Accept. I didn't notice that I made a big mistake until several hours later of having fun with Awesome. A Jam-A-Gram popped up in my inbox. It said, "We're a great match!". Next to it was a gift. Sounds harmless right? Wrong. I opened it, and there was a necklace, but it had something odd on it. "GoOdByE tO yOuR aCcOuNt."

It was then a login war started between me and stonecoldhack. I kept getting logged off every single second, but I kept fighting. The login war lasted until 8:00 PM. I got back on my account and I got another Jam-A-Gram from the same person. "GiVe Up AlReAdY. iT's UsElEsS." Another login war happened until 10:30 PM. Another Jam-A-Gram. "i'M tAkInG yOuR iTeMs WhEtHeR yOu LiKe It Or NoT."

Another login war happened, this time it lasted for 5 minutes. This time, another Jam-A-Gram came up, but it included another gift. "HeRe YoU gO, bUdDy. My LaSt GiFt." I clicked the recycle button, but it wouldn't delete. Another Jam-A-Gram. "OpEn ThE gIfT...nOw!!!" Then my computer was forced to open it. "yOu HaVe No MoRe ChAnCeS. GoOdByE."

My computer did a blue screen, and I let it restart. No boot device detected! System halted.

My computer was ruined. I will never trust anyone like this again...and you shouldn't either.

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