Part 1, My first creepypasta!


I walked up to Liza. "Welcome to Jamaa!" She said, a bright smile on her face. "I don't need to be welcomed." I said, my smile more brighter then hers. I set up my hacking program and fast-forward the process. I landed in Jamaa. I saw members all around boasting their little golden top hats and rare spikes and all that. I went to my den and started hacking again. I reached into the files, getting me membership, every animal, 999,999,999 gems, and 999,999,999 diamonds. "Those people will never be like me!" I shouted. Then i reached further. I got rares: Cami's Frog, Spikes, Long spikes, even the top hats. My laughter echoed.

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I smiled and went to Coral Canyons. Time to boast! I told myself. Then i went up by the bridge. Some people were jumping. I scoffed and free-chatted: "Don't you guys know you can't break it?" They looked up at me."Yes we can!" A little non-member wolf yelled. I scoffed again and started to step on the bridge. I didn't see the bridge crack, and fall. Everything stopped, even my heart.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" I yelled and fell to the ground with a crack. I saw all the jammers- One was dead. Blood from her body, she coughed blood, everything about her was blood. I saw bones sticking out from her back and her last words-"Save the." The? Suddenly all the other jammers turned on me. Crimson scars and i had none. One jammer's elbow bone was sticking out, Blood pouring from the hole. "I-im sorry?" My guess was that they were gonna kill me. "You got us in here, now you get us out." All the jammers were wolves except this one- A Cheetah.

"Ok!" I tried to led them out. Then, a black wolf came in front of us. "Welcome to the Forgotten, Hacker."

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