One day, I met my two buddies KandyKoalaz and CrazyForLoki on Animal Jam. We hadn't been doing much that day, we figured it would just be another boring day. But that all changed...

We all met at the Adventure Base Camp where we were looking for an adventure to do, there were so many to choose from! Crazy went down the ladder close to the underwater Adventure Base Camp. She was wandering through the water until she noticed something, there was pitch black area in the corner. Curiously, she walked over to see it was leading into bushes and beside it was an old wooden sign. The sign said nothing on it. Crazy had always been excited about this stuff, so quickly, she ran and gathered up Kandy and I. 

Once she found us, she led us to the strange area and I didn't like the looks of it.

"Are we suppsoed to be here?" I asked, "Sure, I don't see anyone telling us not to be." Crazy replied. Kandy and I exchanged nervous looks then looked back at Crazy, "What's the adventure called...?" Kandy asked, "It's probably some unfinished adventure! Wouldn't it be cool to be the FIRST jammers to do it? We'd have gifts from the adventure that NOBODY else has!" Crazy said. "Well, what if AJHQ doesn't want us here?" I asked, "AJHQ wouldn't just kick us out, right?" Crazy asked. "They probably would..." Kandy replied. Crazy rolled her eyes, "C'mon guys, don't be party-poopers. I want to see this. If you guys don't come, I'll go alone."

I personally didn't want Crazy going in alone and neither did Kandy, so, both of us agreed to go in with her. 

We entered. Oddly, the normal loading screen didn't come up. All we saw was blackness. I thought my screen froze until the adventure came up, it didn't look normal. It was dark, not the phantom kind of dark, it was like horror movie dark. There was red splatters on the ground. Blood. it was blood. We waited for one of the Alphas to appear, but no one did. Instead, there was a sign pointing that said "this way" on it. Crazy led the way, and we followed her. As we ran, Crazy was still smiling and lookign excited wagging her tail while Kandy and I, had our tails low and our ears flattened. Kandy noticed something and her pupils shrunk, "A p-p-phantom..." she stammered pointing a shaking paw at a phantom laying on the ground. It was laying in a pool of blood, "Is it sleeping?" I asked. Crazy grabbed a stick and poked it. Nothing. She poked it harder. Nothing. She quickly placed a paw on it and turned it over. We all stood there, shocked.

The phantom was... DEAD. Massive wounds were in it and its eye was completely torn out and laying metres away from it. "It'sprobably just a glitch." Crazy said. Kandy and I gulped. Kandy being the youngest, was scared and I was very nervous. This didn't seem like Animal Jam, it seemed like a dream... Or a nightmare. We heard something, "Help me..." said a creepy voice. We peered through a bush to see a bunny with its back turn to us just sitting in the grass, "Help me..."

Me and Kandy turned away until Crazy stopped us, "Guys, he needs our help." she said, "It sounds awfully creepy for a bunny..." Kandy replied. "Still, you can't judge a book by its cover... Or a bunny by its voice. We should help it." Crazy said, "You're the oldest, lead the way." I said. 

Crazy led the way.

She walked up to the bunny and tapped it on the shoulder, "Hello?" she asked. When she touched it, the scariest thing happened. Its head twisted all the way around! It's eyes were hollow with blood dripping out of them, its fur was bloodstained and its bottom jaw was completely ripped off. The bunny limped towards us, "Help me..." he hissed. All of us including Crazy screamed and ran away. Without looking back, we raced through this bloody forest. Soon we stopped and panted. "Is it gone?" I asked, "I'm started to have second thoughts about this..." Crazy said. "We have to get out of here!" Kandy cried. 

"There is no way out..." a voice grumbled.

We all turned around to see Greely. He wasn't normal, creepier than usual. His eyes were bloodred and what was supposed to be the whites of his eyes were black. Blood streamed out of his eyes as if replacing his tears and wounds covered his body. "You will die..." he said. We were all petrified with fear just staring at Greely's black eyes. "Where are the other Alphas...?" I nervously asked, "Dead..." Greely replied. He smirked, "You soon you will be too."

Greely opened his jaws wide and out came a huge and thick black tongue, three of them actually. Similar to tendrids. We started running when suddenly, we heard Kandy, "Help!" she yelled. We turned around to see one of Greely's tendrids coiled around her ankle dragging her away. "You won't breathe your last today!" Crazy growled. She clenched her sword in her jaws and cut Greely's tendrid. Kandy shook the other half of the tendrid off her ankle and they started running. Dispite their gasping, they raced across the forest knowing Greely could chase them. "You can't run!" Greely yelled. I looked over my shoulder, he wasn't behind us, he was above us! Greely had sprouted black dragon wings and was soaring after us. He swooped down, "Duck!" I yelled. Crazy and I crouched down but Kandy looked confused and didn't duck, "A duck? I don't see any ducks." she said. Crazy noticed Greely diving for her, "Kandy! Look out!" she yelled. 

It was too late.

Greely grasped Kandy in his claws and took off with her, "Help!!" Kandy yelled. Greely flew away laughing. Crazy and I looked up with tears in our eyes, "Kandy!" we yelled. "We have to get her back." Crazy said, "How? We don't know where Greely went." I replied. "Then we'll find someone who does." Crazy said looking serious. "Prepare your weapons." 

I put my Legendary Glove on and put on my armour. Crazy put on her armour and grabbed her sword.

We set off.

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