Note: This is a FAKE creepypasta, also my second. So please, instead of being a hater, keep mean thoughts to yourself. Although I'm happy to hear if you liked my creepypasta. Thanks!!!

One afternoon, I had just finished my work and stuff, I logged onto AJ. (As I usually do..) I saw the loading screen, Don't share your password BLAH BLAH BLAH. I waited for a while, and while it was still loading, it said that I was away for too long and that I had been logged out and to click OK to play again. When this happens, I reset my page, so I did. I waited some more, and the same thing happened. I tried over and over and over, and then the tenth time, I shouted at my screen, WHY!? I tried again and once more, and I was so happy! I got on. I was on Aldan?! I had 5 Jam-A-Grams! I was quite happy, I loved reading mail! 4 of them were some very nice items from some Jammer, who's username was strangely blocked out. Hmm... I thought to myself, and on opening the gifts inside I was quite happy to find betas. One was even a long black spiked wrist... The fifth Jam-A-Gram strangely had 2 gifts in it. And it had a message saying Why? The username on the Jam-A-Gram was Why? AJ doesn't allow special characters like ? - + = ; : and \, so it was strange. I opened the first gift, I screamed with joy! It was a long black spiked collar! The other was a necklace. It's name thing was YoU ShOuLdN't HaVe OpEnEd ThIs... WhY dId yOu? It was a very long name, and it stretched out of the name bar thingy. It was very weird, but I thought of it as a glitch and discarded the gift. Immediately after, I was logged out. "You were gone for too long and you were logged out! Click OK to play again!" I reset the page. It worked, but I was non-member... On a member animal? Wearing the items I got? The black wrist and long collar! I was wearing them! When I looked at my number of items it said 0/100! It was very weird. I checked my buddies, I had no buddies, but the amount shower said 101/100. I reset the page and looked again. Same thing! Even though I was on Aldan, everywhere from Jamaa Township to the Pillow Room was COMPLETELY empty! I glanced at my den sign thing-y. I noticed there was someone in my den. So I went to see if it was Julian2 or something XD, Turns out, it was someone who seemed to be a beta tester, sort of. He was wearing a founder, a long black spike, and a rare long black spiked wrist. His username was: Why? He was completely black, with eyes that had no shine in them. Those were also black. I noticed my den was still on my member den. Was I being hacked? I reset the page, I was on a wolf. I had no items, no buddies, everything I had was gone. My username was Why0001. I was hacked! I cried, and begged AJHQ for my items back. They said they couldn't do it, I had no membership or ANYTHING! I was very sad. I quit AJ forever.