Hello. My name is Infinity Spiritclaw, a black, red and white Snow Leopard. I always wore a Headdress, a minty green long spike collar, and a long purple spike wrist. Life on Animal Jam was pretty good, but it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. Not until now. You may have thought I would have gone "haywire", but that wasn't the case.

It started when I was trying to trade for a LP (Light Pink) Headdress. I had the required items, which were sixteen long spike collars. I decided to do the trade with Master Grandmoon, a black wolf with red splotches and white crossed out eyes. Wait...crossed out eyes? Red splotches? I kinda started freaking out. They didn't accept my trade at all. Nothing was said. I clicked their player tag and looked at their player card. "nothingswrong" was their username. I tried to talk to them. "Nothing's wrong." they said in their chat bubble. "Are you sure?" I replied back. "Nothing's wrong." They kept saying it whenever I asked them if they were okay.

"nothingswrong wants to be your buddy!" I couldn't push the Decline button. It was grayed out completely. I couldn't back out. It was then I just pressed Accept. "nothingswrong is now your buddy! You have 1 buddy slot(s) left." I decided to go to Jamaa Township to try and trade again. Master Grandmoon, that same wolf, appeared. "nothingswrong wants to trade with you." They had the LP Headdress on the trade. I put my sixteen black long collars on there. They accepted, however, something was odd. The text in the accepted box said "Nothing's wrong." I was starting to freak out.

I ran out of Jamaa Township, unbuddied nothingswrong, and locked my den. I went into another room in my den, hoping this was just some sort of horrendous joke that AJHQ pulled on me. They appeared next to me. My den was locked, how can they get in? Is this like that one thing about fman122? Or just a complete coincedence and it is him? I wasn't sure, I was in too much of a panic. I decided to head for Appondale where they couldn't find me. I spoke too soon. They ran near me. "Stop following me!" said my chat bubble.

"NOTHING'S WRONG!!!!!!" my computer speakers screamed. Then I got the "You've been gone too long" message. I tried logging back in to my account, and it was loading. I ended up the same way as Master Grandmoon. Black, red splotches and white crossed out eyes.

My items were turned into pillows. Each of them contained a letter as their name. It spelled, "NOTHING'S WRONG". I was getting sick and tired of it. I decided to disable my account via the Parent Dashboard and never played Animal Jam again. My ears still had this ringing kept saying, "Nothing's wrong". I never thought this would happen.

I shut down my computer completely. Nothing was wrong. Nothing is always wrong.