AJ Story: REAL reason behind Fman122

Hello jammers, not to alarm you but, fman122 will never leave. Actually fmans122s will never leave. You might be wondering why I put a s behind fman122, fman122 is not just one person, its a group. The fman122 group or lets just call them, mans , have been on AJ since the beta days! He has always been there, always. The main Fman122 or, mm as we shall call him, was not always a hacker. Believe it or not, he worker for AJHQ and was highly respected for blocking out hackers and fixing bugs. The real reason I have you here today is actually to tell you the REAL reason of why he is a hacker. It was a sad day at AJHQ, Jeramy’s daughter, Cami, had passed away from cancer. He had taken many days off to visit her along with his friend, Brendan(fman122). Cami always was happy like nothing bad would happen until that day. Jeramy asked Brendan if he could make the frog character that he had given his daughter , before she got ill,on AJ. Of course since Brendan was highly respected he could just ask the boss without any extra work. So he went up and asked if he could and the boss said yes. Brendan started to work on it immediately setting aside any work he had to do. It took him two days to finish but he did it. On the third day he rushed to do all of the work he put aside but there was to much! He asked the boss if someone could help and of course he said yes. After Brendan asked Jeramy to help they were very good at working together and did almost all of the work in one day! The next day after Brendan got to work the boss called him up to his office. He got really scared knowing that he did nothing wrong. When he opened the door his boss looked very mad and called him over. The boss said that he added a secret button to press in Jamma that took people off their accounts and when they got back on they had nothing unless they had a membership. Brendan said he knew nothing about it but the boss said that there was the proof of the coding work on his computer. He got fired. Brendan was very upset, he had no money to support his wife and kids. He got a job working at and office complex a couple of weeks later. He finally thought that enough was enough! Then at this moment he took up the name fman122. Now you might be wondering, didn't fman122 get arrested and wasn't he a she? Yes that is all true, but the she was the co-leader of the fman122 group and she did get arrested covering the tracks to the others. Also it was never fman122 who did added the button it was Jeramy. Brendan made an account on AJ , since he lost his AJHQ account, and called it fman122. At first the name meant fan man and the 112 meant January 12, his birthday. He started hacking accounts and AJHQ for payback for what they did to him. Brendan kept working and working till some other AJ hacker found him and asked if they worked together. In a month he had a group and was very famous for what he did. Even today he still holds a grudge with AJHQ. So that was the story of fman122. He used to be very nice until he was fired. He never did add that secret button, so he was framed. That is all for today!

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