Notice : you can write your Jammer in the comments and see how the story goes. Also this story contains violence and things not suitible for pepole under 12. Im Dremer. A Jammer that took the place in the neverending games. The games that never end. It was not my choice. Im one out of many Jammers that have been randomly selected. The neverending games are the games that... neverend. "But games are fun!" You may say. Im not talking bout those fun! Games. Heh. Lets be real here. They are not games. More like "horrors that you can die in. Every neverending games last 100 days. Yup they are not really neverending but... the time seems slower there. And if you did lose then.... you are sent to endless drowning. Not to heven or hell. Neverending dying. There can only be 10 winners out of 100 Jammers that have been chosen. But lets now get to the story.

Chapter One

"Caaa-n you give me some gems please?" I did not have a den and i could not make gems. I was denless

It was horrible. It was cold and scary.

The person sayed no and walked away.

I dont have family. Im always sad. My sister, father and mother died while playing in a pool. Yes they drowned. I forgot to mention that im a Wolf. Then i heard the wolf Alpha speking : THE NEVERENDING GAMES SELECTION FOR THIS YEAR IS : he called out 99 names then, he said AND THE LAST JAMMER IS :DREMER! Then everyone that was not called out walked away.

I was happy and, scared.




B t

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