The end was near for me, I had no where to go, no where to hide, he found me I had no choice I had to do what I had to do,

This all started one day as I was walking around in Jamaa it was so happy full of life and people talking yet I tend to notice the people who are left alone, I see a wolf on one of the bridge's it was just so lifeless there, he said nothing at all just stood frozen no one said hi only just avoided him, I had the guts to go up and say hello but I made the wrong decision, 'HI!' I say he reply's with nothing at all,completely emotionless I click on his name tag, ha what a cool name he's got his user i think to my self the user was 'Unknown' maybe he isn't talking to me because I didn't say his name?, "HI Unknown how are you?' in a flash I get a friend request I accidentally decline I get another and another and another, on and on it goes until i finally accept then he suddenly disappears from my sight, I look on my friends list yet his user is nowhere to be seen i continue playing after a while it says I lost my connection.. i log back in..

When I log back in i see something very strange all the servers you could go on, I could see only 1 of them.. it had my user on it, it was like it was meant for me.. I click on it and wait for it to load I end up back in Jamaa but a very empty one, everything seems to be slightly twisted as the boarder was a light red color filled with yellow spots, the objects and pathways where skulls and bones, every now and seen you would see Mira around but her feathers would be torn off with lines of blood on them, her eyes were as black as ever it was like she had been killed and someone has started to stuff her full of fluff you would see little puddles of water near her as if she was crying her feathers where no longer blue either as they were a dark black color with red patches over them...

That wolf was still there,sitting on the bridge but he actually said something, something you would never expect from a Jammer to say... he asked me 'Have you ever been alone? so alone you need someone there with you. someone that will never leave?..' I reply 'n-no not really' 'oh, how come? don't you have any friends? we can be friend's right? we already are friends forever you accepted my request, yes? we can be happy friends together FOREVER HAHA ISN'T THAT GGGGREAAAATTTTTTTT????' everything starts to pixel out I panic i try to close the window nothing, i try to shut down my laptop nothing, what was going on?!?!?

The loading screen pops up this time the little world icon was just like a ball of black with blood dripping from it, I get prepared I put my hand on the mouse key and get ready to run.

I find myself in a large room, a room that i have never seen it was like den but filled with horrible objects and sights, my character moves across the room all by its own I watch my mouse and my arrow keys on my computer as they are both moving I try to stop them but the just carry on, I see the wolf again "WhAt Do YoU tHiNk? Of ThIs PlAcE?????!?!??!' I say nothing but then letter's on my keyboard start to type by them self's.. 'oh yes i think this is a lovely place you have here this will be lovely to stay in' stay in? what do you mean STAY in? is this some type of hotel or something? i didn't sign up for this I say to my self 'yeah its lovely since were going to stay here forever and ever and ever..' WHAT?!?!?! NO NO NO NO NO i get hold of my keyboard and try to type nothing is happening I slam my fingers as hard as I could i managed to type 1 letter I keep doing it until i could finish my sentance "NEVER!" I grab my mouse and click and click to move suddenly I get control I run away from him as fast as my Jammer could, you could hear his voice echo through your speakers 'where are you going friend?' suddenly the area I was in was shrinking I could not escape this was the end, I could not go any where, I could not hide, he found me everything was was red and covered in blood he was edging closer to my face 'I don't think your my friend anymore.. h-hOW COULD YOU?' everything goes black and white my computer screen cracks suddenly little streams of blood starts to gush out of the them i close my lap top and place it in a bag and jump on it until its just dust

I watched it every night every morning every day frightened to death that he may come back.