[The following is a copy and pasta of developer notes inside of AJ]

January 1 2011[09:30] test ~Tom

January 2 2011 [10:54] The Developer Logs are ready, use these for notifing us about things ~Tom

June 11 2011 [09:15] Just request "Kangaroo's" to Fred but he says he's gonna save them for later, anyone know what that means? ~Tom

June 11 2011 [10:47] Tyler is adding a new currency into AJ, i think that's what he meant. ~Cindy

June 27 2011 [15:34] Weird, Tyler never uses the Developer Logs... ~Tom

October 18 2011 [18:43] Well, Derek is off the team. He said he made a room as a joke in the code, poor man got told on by Charile ~Bill

October 19 2011 [08:54] Oh shut up Bill we all know you hate Charile ~Tom

May 26 2012 [12:38] Tom, i think we need to remove Giraffes, there a flop and hogging up alot of code. ~Jeremy

May 27 2012 [14:23] I see that Jeremy, but what can we do? We can't simpily get rid of them. ~Tom

May 27 2012 [17:49] Well, we can if we get Fred to "migrate" them. ~Jeremy

May 27 2012 [18:28] Good thinking. Alright, help me fix this "unlimited items" glitch ~Tom

July 05 2012 [07:56] Jesus, I get to work and already theres a name hacker! Send me the IP, he's starting to start a "uprising" ~Tom 

July 05 2012 [08:01] remember that from somewhere ~Jeremy

July 05 2012 [08:06] IP blocked, and yeah, it was that something century1 guy. ~Cindy

August 04 2012 [00:01] IM BACK ~Kenny

August 04 2012 [19:24] Ha ha Kenny, remove that weird animal "Monster", seriously, its freaking me out. ~Tom

August 04 2012 [19:34] Ok, Kenny, I removed the animal. You better stop before Fred fires you ~Tom

August 05 2012 [10:48] Umm, I was out of town yesterday ~Kenny

August 05 2012 [11:06] What? You were online like all day yesterday ~Jeremy

August 05 2012 [11:18] Alright guys, there's a bigger problem. I can't even log into the Admin Dashboard, my PC is infected with a virus. The name of it is "expecttheunexpected.exe". Files say I dowloaded it last night. ~Kenny

August 05 2012 [11:54] Wow...Thats really unusual. You better tell Fred. ~Jeremy

August 06 2012 [00:01] YOU ALL REALLY ARE IDIOTS ~Cindy

August 06 2012 [07:15] what the hell...i was sleeping and i got a notification, assumed it was some bug alert but someone was on my account... ~Cindy

August 06 2012 [08:13] What? Also, there is someone trying to get in the codes. same IP as last time. ~Jeremy

August 07 2012 [00:01] CAN'T YOU TAKE A HINT JEREMY? ~Tom

August 07 2012 [08:15] What the heck?Tom are you smoking again? ~Jeremy

August 08 2012 [00:01] EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED ~Jeremy

August 08 2012 [08:37] What the hell is going on with the server "Albam", everything is in negitive color, people are shouting out "EXPECT IT" and then getting banned, there arn't any parties accsessible, and you can only select the wolf ~Cindy

August 08 2012 [17:15] This is unfixible, im deleting the server. ~Fred

December 31 1969 [00:01] HA HA, WAIT UNTIL I GET INTO "KIMBER" ~sys

August 09 2012 [11:45] Alright, im moving everything into a backup server because of this hacker, this might make the Developer Logs uneditible but you have to do what you have to do... ~Fred

August 09 2012 [11:46] goodnight sweet prince ~sys