Alright, let's see what's on the news today... *le news train hits me right in the dragon noggin* Ouch! Hey, just because this article's title has News Train in it doesn't mean you have to come by!

Anyways, I have some news to share with you. The reason why I'm writing this is because there's a new wiki (I hope) will be coming out called Wings of Fire Stories Wiki. No, I'm not trying to plagarize this Wiki - I love it just as much as I'm excited for this new Wiki. But, as I sadly discovered when I made my own Wikis (I did indeed make several), you need people who've heard of your Wiki to cause the Wiki to grow. That's what caused the downfall of my startup Wikis, sadly. It also should bring the downfall to other lesser-visited Wikis eventually, but a few users was what started off this Wiki. A few users is what you need to start a Wiki. Now, other than me, there are going to be other users that are going to be tending to Wings of Fire Stories Wiki, but there's only three:

  • Dragonheart2375
  • TechSaur
  • FoxStray

However, I'm not going to be the creator of the Wiki - Dragonheart is. TechSaur, FoxStray and I are to be the first admins there, but I'm going to need a few lesser-ranked users to help them grow. A story or a simple contrubution will do, but I am NOT asking for a major part of this Wiki to leap onto this newcomer Wiki, just 3-7 users should do. I hope you understand what I'm saying, but until then, this is News Train! *a noise of a train is heard in the near distance* Oh, shoot! I must go! NOW!!!! *I am now heard screaming as the News Train chases me*

(P.S.: I know, I could've posted this announcement in a blog post... :3)

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