yes yes this is a collab

Cookies are terrorizing Jamaa.

Giant cookies.

They have big, sharp teeth and ugly faces.

The oatmeal raisin is even uglier.

It looks like a disfigured old man cookie.


All jammers are forced to flee and hide as the cookies attack.

All the buildings are rubble now.

We must survive on our own.

But there is a group of jammers called the Cookie Busters.

I want to join them.

My name is Explorer Ivymoon, a snow leopard, and with my friends Magical Rainypaw and Admiral Speedyspirit, I plan to destroy every cookie in existence.


I was running hard.

A giant chocolate chip cookie was behind me, roaring.

"Magical! Admiral! Come on!" I cried, leaping over a pile of stones. My two friends followed close behind me, trying to catch up.

"It's gonna get us Explorer!"

"No, it's not. Calm down Admiral! I can outrun it!"

Outrunning a cookie meant putting my friend's lives and mine's in danger.

Just then, there was a wooshing sound.

"Cookie Busters! They're bringing the monster down!" Magical shrieked.

I looked up, and sure enough, there they were, leaping through the air.

Their spiked collars glimmered in the sun, and their samurai blades glistened even more. I covered  my eyes and ran faster, making sure that we were clear of the monster's path. We hid behind the wall of a destoyed den.

In the silence, we heard a woosh, a creak, and a sickening thump as the monster was brought down.

Admiral peeked behind the wall, dumbfounded.

The Cookie Busters were there, next to the defeated cookie.

As soon as we came out of hiding, one of the Cookie Busters saw us.

"Go home kids," the buster said, almost growling. "This place isn't safe for you."

I nodded and ordered my friends to run off into the direction of our hideout.

The setting sun was almost gone, and we needed to get home soon, before the cookies come out and devour us.

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