It's me, Moon. This story includes intense violence and gore, so please be warned. This is roughly based off of this wiki's downfall and contains hidden messages.

It was a cold winter day.

Jamaa was falling.

The death of Liza and the disappearance of many alphas had left many mourning.



Eternal sobbed as her mother and father kissed her forehead.

"Take care of your brother, Eternal. We'll be back, I promise," Eternal's mother said, her voice cracked.

Eternal nodded, hugged her mother and father and blinked away tears. They were a poor wolf family that lived in a tiny den with cracked windows. Sometimes worms crept through the walls after it rained. Phantom blood would creep into the wooden door and the house smelled putrid.

Eternal used to live with her mother, her father, and her younger brother, Prince. Eternal was 15 and Prince was 10 when their parents left. Often times their father would come home injured from phantom fangs, and blood would always gush out of his left paw as he weakly gave his family bread and scrap meat.

Eternal had only seen the outdoors when she was just 8, but Jamaa had already been crippled with gray skies and dried plants, no color but brown and gray. Prince had never been outside in his life.


Eternal's mother gripped her pack. "We'll be back when we've found safety, alright? Don't go outside, ever, don't let anybody in- we have some food hidden in the cellar."

"What if you don't come back?" Eternal asked.

"We will, I promise," Eternal's mother kissed her forehead.

And then they were gone.


"SISSY! HELP!" Prince screamed. Eternal ran to his room, where he lay on the floor, gasping.

"What's wrong?!" Eternal grabbed her brother's paws.

"I saw it- it was- the Monster-" he said, breathing heavily.

"It was just a dream, Prince," Eternal murmured softly. "Go back to bed."

"Are Mommy and Daddy gone yet?" Prince stared deep into her eyes, his eyes moist.

"Yep, but we'll be fine."

Eternal tucked her brother back into bed and went back downstairs. She searched the cellar for the food Mother and Father had left them. At the corner of her eye, a bunny had just finished stuffing the food into his bag and lept out the window. "The hell?" Eternal yelled, opening the window and shouting at the bunny. She grabbed her father's ax and- disobediently left the house. The bunny looked back at her, but kept running. His left leg was cut and he looked young, maybe younger than Prince. His ears were also torn in half, with flesh visible on the right ear. He looked disgusting, but of course that was everyone is Jamaa.

Eternal eventually gained up on him, and swung her ax towards his leg. It was an accurate hit.

The bunny screamed in pain and fell forward. His leg had fallen off and blood was spilling out of it. Eternal turned him over with her boot. He had grey eyes, and- Eternal noted- foam and saliva streaming down his face. He was pale and his neck had no fur except for a small area below his chin.

He looked up at her pleadingly.

But between kindness and getting her brother a meal, she'd choose survival.

She raised her ax up and chopped his head right off. It was messy, bits of his lungs flew everywhere and blood stained the brown grass. She stuff him back in the bag of food he had stolen.


"Prince! Dinner!" Eternal called.

"What are we eating?" Prince asked.

"Uh- well- something I found!" she sighed.

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