"Wake up, Mythical! Wake up!" screamed Magical Daisystar into her friend Mythical Rosypaw's ear. Mythical opened her eyes and gave Magical a dirty look, then cleared her throat and muttered, "Can't I spend a day by myself around here? Without losing my hearing?"

As if by magic, Magical overheard Mythical's mumbling and hastily added, "I shouldn't have been so loud. You can go off by yourself today, but I'll be at Sol Arcade if you need me! Bye..." sang Magical as she sped out of the house, whisking the blue curtains off the walls as she exited the home.

That was unexpected, thought Mythical, and lucky. Maybe she'd have a chance to be herself today. She hummed "Jammer Anthem" to herself as she started down the walk to Jamaa Township. She regretted her decision the moment that the endless noise and chatter filled her ears.

"Hey, you! You with the spike!" screeched a large wolf with the name of Major in her direction. "What for the blue beta table? I'll trade you a rhino..." He smiled, but Mythical thought the smile seemed cunning. She immediately decided to turn down Major's offer.

"Sorry, but I kinda like my table. Maybe some other time," said Mythical kindly. She hated telling people she didn't like their trades.

"You scammer! You're trying to trick me into giving me the worse item! IT'S A FAIR TRADE, BEACH!" spat Major. "I'm reporting you! You're getting banned tomorrow, loser! Ha-ha!" And with that, the rude wolf left, probably to go to their den and lock it.

Er, that was interesting, thought Mythical. At least the day can't get any worse...

"Say I if you like me!" cried a pink arctic wolf suddenly. "Mythical, do you like me? Pretty please? I want a boyfriend so bad..." She made a pouty face. Ugh... these people are so annoying and inappropriate, thought Mythical.

"I'm a girl, thank you, and this is a kid's game. You shouldn't be so inappropriate," sighed Mythical. But the look that the girl's face showed was nothing compared to Major's response to her turndown.

"You nimrod! At least I'm pretty. Who'd want to date you? Fman122? Have fun with your little pity-pals! IDC what your opinion is. CYA L8ter, loser!" shrieked the arctic wolf.

Immediately, she left the scene, and went up to a he-wolf and spoke, "Hi there. Wanna hang out?"

You have got to be kidding me, said Mythical to herself. Well, maybe later, things will shape up for me...

Finally escaping the mob of obnoxious, annoying, and possibly insane Jammers, Mythical sighed with relief and turned toward the bridge to Appondale to get a quick outfit for her pet honey bee when, BAM! The message, "You were gone for too long and got logged out!"

"What?" mumbled Mythical, shaking her head in annoyance and looking at the pitch-black world that stood before her. "What happened.." Suddenly, the ground she had been standing on gave way, and she started falling into, well, a endless hole. After what seemed like hours, she landed with a loud THUMP! on the ground. The area was still black as midnight.

"We have been waiting for you," murmured a voice. Mythical looked up in fear. "Someone else is temporarily browsing your account. You will be back to your normal position when they are finished."

"What? WHAT? In the name of Mira, who is on my account?" cried Mythical. There was no reply, for the world suddenly turned colored again.

Everything was gone.

Her dens were gone.

Every animal but her, gone.

Her items were gone.

And Mythical sighed, and said-

"Welcome to the life of a Jammer."

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