If you are unsure of what the markings on the cats are, use this... You will need it later in the story. It helps!:

The white she-cat curled her tail around her kits, her orange eyes closing slowly as she licked one of them, a lilac tabby with a lavender nose, its eyes closed like the other four kits'. Two of them were identical cinnamon tabby kits while, a black one and a pure white one. She purred, looking at her mate, a coppery brown tabby.

"They're beautiful," she purred.

"I know," her mate responded, "but we need to keep them away from the others. We wouldn't want Kailu thieving them from us... Like the last litter..."

She sadly nodded, whiskers twitching. She smiled though, nudging the white kit back to her stomach, who was squirming away with loud mews. In the distance were loud noises of canines barking. Her ears perked fearfully.

"They're coming this way," she said. "Get the kits."

Her mate nodded, picking up the twins and the black kit. She picked up the others and began to run, her kits dangling from her mouth. As she ran, a noise split the air, a pain hitting her side. She stumbled, falling and dropping her kits. She gasped as a large arctic wolf stood in front of her, its jaws gaping as it barked.

"No!" She spat, the wolf lunging. It grabbed her throat as a hiss rung into the air. The wolf slung her against a rock, her head buzzing before her eyes shut, ears ringing.

more 2 come)

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