May or may not be suitable for people 10 and under. First Creepypasta, yay!

Prequel: Dragon's Dagger

Sequel: Phoenix Rising

Chapter 1: Glitch

"Buddy me! Buddy me! Buddy me!" The Jammer's crowded around the amber dragon. Nobody stopped typing, all desperate to be a part of the small, boastful group that managed to have their buddy request accepted. After all, they might become a dragon too. What fun!

The dragon never spoke, but just stayed there, flapping it's great wings. Even though the dragon never uttered a single word, people could feel him examining them. Magical Sunnyclaw, a black, white, and silver arctic wolf with many rares and betas on her trade list, suddenly turned her caps lock on, and starting typing as fast as she could. "OMG YAY HE ACCEPTED YAY" Magical typed, running towards the group, who named themselves the Dragon Circle, and clicked the hopping action.

Chapter 2: More Than Just Pixels?

"I accepted you into my group, so to stay in it I will require one item of your choice. I suppose it is like an entrance fee." The dragon was strange, an amber dragon with boy eyes that kept changing colour. Everyone there was wearing lots of rares, trying to impress the dragon, whose tag read "Dagger Sharpclaw".

All the Jammers looked around their screens nervously. It was a volcano den, but it had an... Ash covered floor? A wall decorated with bones? The den was enough to give shivers to even the bravest, with all of the bone-themed items and lava waterfalls. Magical quickly clicked Dagger's tag. His username read "DaggerTheDragon". What a suitable name. Magical thought, and sent him a black long spiked collar. She had a feeling that she should pay well. In about thirty seconds, once everyone had sent their fee, the dragon did the sit animation, which looked terrifying!

Chapter 3: Tread carefully

"Mythical Spiritflower, step forward." Dagger typed, seeming to glare. Mythical came forward from the line, and typed confidently, sure that she was going to be rewarded. "Yes?" she typed. Without a single word, the dragon's eyes turned a fiery red, and blew a breath of fire all over Mythical.

When the pixel flames cleared, there was nothing but a pile of ash where Mythical had stood. Magical gulped, glad that she had sent her spike. For only half a second, the words 1 down, 6 to go appeared on her screen, but Magical was looking down at her dirty fingernail when they appeared, and did not see them.

Chapter 4: The Virus of The Dragon

The flames cleared, and the only other person there was gone. This time, Magical saw the 6 down, 1 to go message. "Magical Sunnyclaw, step forward." Magical gulped again, as she had at each death, but walked her animal forward, ready to watch her animal burn. She had read a lot of creepypasta's, and knew that she shouldn't anger Dagger. "No, Magical, I am not burning you to death. You are the survivor, you will become a dragon, too!"

Magical gasped in delight, and watched as she turned into a golden, sparkly dragon with silver, black, and white colour changing eyes. Her tag changed to Spells Firecrown, and her username changed to SpellsTheDragon. The delight only lasted shortly, because suddenly, she felt an unstoppable evil urge to kill Jammers. And turn another into a dragon, exactly as Dagger had. The virus is known as the Dragon Virus.

"Buddy me! Buddy me!" screamed Jammers. I screamed along with them, eager to be part of the group that managed to get their buddy request accepted by Spells. "Attempt to buddy me! If accepted, you shall be a part of the contest to become a dragon, too!" There was something sinister about it, but I ignored the feeling. Finally, I got accepted! Soon, the entrants all got to her den. It was a Castle Den, but it had volcanoes all over it, along with piles of ashes and bones. The golden dragon requested an "entrance fee", so I sent a Rare Flower Lei.

"Bouncing Happypaw, step forward." I stepped forward eagerly thinking that I had won. It was hard not to bounce up and down in my seat, squealing! The eyes on the screen narrowed slightly, and the pixels seemed to make the dragon grin evilly. A whisper came from my screen. "Beware the Dragon Virus... Beware the Dragon... Beware..." The last thing I ever saw was an inferno of flames shoot out from my screen my screen, engulfing me. I was dead in an instant.

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