A hacker was recently reported to have been on Draa, hacking those who appeared to be bullying non rare nonmembers. It is likely that they will appear frequently, as they're aware that their presence has been announced.

Sighting One; Introduction

I've asked to remain anonymous for my own sake, as I believe members could now be on a witch hunt for.. Him.

It happened yesterday, to be exact. I was advertising for a black spike I didn't want anymore (being a nonmember for a bit makes you feel the need to downsize, yeah?) in Township. A trade request popped up and I reeled back in disgust. The trade was for only a store Necklace. I promptly declined, saying, "Add a lot more please. Necklaces are 75 gems." The arctic wolf stepped forward, wearing quite the amount of rares.

"Give it to me or I'll take it then end you. :)"

I was completely taken aback at such a claim, before typing, "No. Trade me something of equal value." The rest of Township was enraged like a pack of badgers, exclaiming "REPORT!! BULLY!!" in my defense. I felt relieved I wasn't the only horrified person there, because many people were spamming the angered emote and the disgust one as well. The wolf left, thank goodness, and I continued advertising.

About a few minutes later, I was forced out with the message that I'd been afk too long. 'But I was active as could be..?' I questioned. Maybe AJ just derped.

Boy was I wrong.

The moment I logged in, I noticed my bunny was stripped bare and discolored, now being red with yellow eyes. I had a jag too. I opened my inbox to receive the message "I get what I want, you fxxking brat." I froze when I recognized the user as the wolf who threatened me in Township. Checking my inventory, I panicked when I saw my black spike gone, along with every single rare I owned. And I didn't have much to begin with after getting rid of my member stuff. I was in complete dismay. I would have quit right then and there, but I was far too stubborn to simply give up. I dishearteningly clicked on Mt. Shiveer. I always went there when I felt unhappy, since the music I adored. Perfect for sitting by the fire. I plopped my bunny down on the bench, counting up my inventory. I still had a few things of value that the wolf must have glossed over, so I placed them on trade. I vowed I'd get my stuff back, whether I trade for it or I adventure for it.

Returning to Township, I replaced my earlier ad with "Trade me! Rarer than I look! All equal trades welcomed!" I had a few decent trades, up until all I had left was my peach Fox Hat left. Right before sending an ad again, I got a trade request. My jaw dropped at the offer. It was a Cami's Frog. I glanced at the person who gave such a generous offer, and to my surprise, their user wasn't displayed. They were a nonmember wolf, with a completely black coloration to the fur and the weird patterned after the swirls. The pattern was dark green, and the creepy eyes were a lighter shade of the same color. All they wore was a Phantom Amulet and Phantom Gauntlets. I bit my lip, my finger twitching to accept but my morals stopping me. I slowly declined, explaining, "Thank you for the offer, but isn't that an overtrade?"

"It's fine. I like Fox Hats more than this silly thing anyways." The wolf told me. Their request popped up again, and I hesitantly accepted. I was pleased to acquire something this valuable, making a mental note to change my password to secure my account again. "Thank you so much!" I exclaimed, to which the wolf gave a smiley emote. I clicked on their tag out of curiosity, and to my surprise, their user was changed. It now said "A Friend" instead of just being blank.

They disappeared and a little '1' appeared on my den icon. I followed them, to find them sitting down on my couch bed I had made. "You can call me Glitch," they spoke. "Why were you so nice to me, Glitch?" I asked them. They smiled again. "You think that's nice, put a necklace on trade." My curiosity getting the better of me, I did so and exactly when I exited the trading tab, another trade request popped up. I was amazed and joyful to see all of my stolen items put on trade, even the black collar. I accepted eagerly, sighing in relief at the return of my property.

"That wolf can't hurt anyone anymore," Glitch explained, their text bubble itself glitching into a greenish color. A little unnerved, I asked, "How come? Where they banned?"

"Nope, better. They were deleted. Such toxicity has no place in such a peaceful game for kids, right?" I concurred, adding, "So they lost all of their good items? Everything they had?" "Every bit." I found it a bit harsh, but probably for the best considering they threatened my life.

"Well, I have to leave, but I'm sure I'll see you again. You seem like a nice person," Glitch said. "Same to you." And with that, they were gone.

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