This is not meant to offend Julian2, the famous jammer


It was a Sunday night. Julian2 was sleeping on his bed while millions of Jammers were crowding in his den. He had earplugs on so no jammer could wake him up. Deep in midnight, there were no Jammers in his den. But there was one danger.

A black wolf wanted to get rid of Julian2. That same night, he was hidden in the ceiling carrying his knife. Silent and still, he listened to Julian2 snoring in the deep silence.

Quiet as a mouse, he crept out of the ceiling and then was about to stab sleeping Julian2. He did. Julian2 woke up and howled in pain. The black wolf ran away.

At morining, Lilac Petal visited Julian2's den and then saw Julian2 eating cereal. She saw a wound in his belly. "What's up with that wound?" she asked. "Um. Just cut myself," Julian2 said. He didn't want Lilac Petal to worry. Lilac Petal shrugged and sat down. Suddenly, a tall orange and blue cat wearing slash getup with a faded cherry les paul burst into the den. "SLASH IN DA HOUSE!" he screamed. “Hello Jaga,” Julian2 said blankly. and then he ran out of his den and saw the wolf. as soon as he saw it, her screamed and the wolf got a whip and whipped him on his side stomach and it left a burn.

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