To everyone reading this,

I am the leader of the Dunia Mati Canine Army.

This is a warning to you of what will happen if you enrage us. I'm directing this toward Zios, Shystar and Kawaii. If the three of you are reading, this is what will happen if you ever anger us. And I mean what I speak, you three idiots.

We have had lots of trespassers, especially from Jamaa. We aren't EXTREMELY far apart from one another, but we are away the Outskirts. The trespassers are almost always eagles or owls. I'm surprised some of you got through the Outskirts if you ever took that route.

Now, about trespassing...

If ANY of you trespass, we will come to YOUR city and bomb it. I will NOT tolerate trespassers. If you try to STEAL our weaponry, you will be bombed. If you try to take one of our warriors hostage, you will be bombed. We do not tolerate any form of trespassing.

If the trespasser is a child, it will be taken from you. We will use it as food for the smaller dogs in the future. They don't get a lot of food. We are not cruel- it is a way of life. Dogs may not eat other dogs here unless the condition of the earth is anarchy. We are not afraid to devour others who trespass. This also counts with adults. We devour any trespassers that are caught.

With the fights, we have no time for you. We have pups to tend to. We have lives also, and we're not wasting our time on you. If you challenge us, it's a 50-50% chance that we will fight. We have time that we must use. If you are highly enraging us, we will bomb you. There's no escaping that.

And to Kawaii- you may think Zios and the Phantom King are friends, but really, they're sworn enemies. Get it right, kiddo.

Shystar, you don't just barge into our lands with your goofy magic team. Go burst the bubbles of other people.

And to that one bird who flew in on us, we'll crush you right between our jaws. Small birds are small, canines can be large. You would make a good meal for the pups. They're pretty hungry and the mothers need food.

If any jammers from Jamaa are reading this, STAY. AWAY. FROM. US. We do NOT want you here. Go back to your fantasy world while we live in a broken town. We shed the blood of our enemies while you use your powers and walk away with no wounds. A true warrior risks his or her life in the fit of war, bloodshed and all, walking away with wounds that will remind themselves that they are powerful.

...But a fake will use its magic to drive its foes away with little effort put into its actions. If you will face us, man up and use your own strength. Find weapons that can be found in the HUMAN world. Bombs can be found, which is what we use. Magic is never allowed in our wars.

And I have no shame for what I do. I feel that it is best for the canines around me. I will shape their future until I die. My brother Serigala will take charge of the army.

And he will not back down, either.


I mean no offense to some users! This is what Anjing would probably write. I'm working on a school project, finished the earth model out of melt and pour soap my nana made. Currently making the index card things that describe the layers. I got bored and decided to write this. Anjing is a pretty strict character, but Serigla isn't as mean. His words are preeeetty harsh at times. Have a good day everyone!

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