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(This is not a real pasta)

The Pasta

It was just the perfect time to play Animal Jam! I was done with all my assignments and everything else. My friend encouraged me to play this game I have never heard about. So the only thing i can do was log on to Animal Jam! When i first logged on my name was: "Colonel Wonkybeast". I figured it would be a good name so I began to join. My animal was a penguin. But I stepped into the wrong game.

It was pretty cool and cute everyone was socializing and meeting new friends, I thought it was a cool little thing. But I realized, when i was on the map i saw a extraordinary section of the map. It had no name and looked like a normal grassland. But, oh boy I was wrong,

When I decided to go there, it was just like a stereotypical African plains biome. Except, nobody was there. I met this cool guy named, Awesome Sunnybrave. His real username was FMAN122. I knew that name sound familliar but i didn't bother to double-check. I said to him, "Hello". He didn't reply. His animal was a red, black, and white wolf with red eyes. He then replied to me with a Jam-A-Gram that said, "Thanks for playing!". I was confused at that time. But i knew i was ready to leave.

I tried to click the Jamaa Township on the map but as soon as i did that, a message in red letters said, "Let's be best buddies!". I opened up task manager and ended my firefox. It was over... Or so you thought. There was a new file on my desktop named, "FMAN" i was curious so i clicked on it. I made the biggest mistake. When i opened it, it was Animal Jam except the logo was red and said, "FMAN".

All the animals I saw were sleeping inside this big cage the only thing that was different was that their bellies were not moving at all. I went to the Sol Arcade but the games were all missing. It was really dark. I saw five black, red, and white (similar to FMAN) move towards me. I clicked on the map and went to the African Grassland. It was now titled, "Hell". I felt a chill up my spine. When I went there I realized even my buddy that encouraged me to play the game was there. He was one of "them" now. I also saw extraordinary creatures that i never even saw in the animal list. There were bloody animals. I saw a animal walked up to me. He was a freaking bear. He was foaming from the mouth. 

He then started scratching me and biting me. I instantly closed the browser down, put it in the recycling bin, and permanently deleted it. It was all over.

The next morning, I accidently twisted my ankle so i couldn't go to school. I was very glad i didn't. Because i realized a girl in my school had a school shooting. Even my friend died. I was reading that she carved the word, "FMAN" on every single body. It was hysterical. I couldn't played Animal Jam anymore but since that "FMAN" girl is locked up, i decided to play it. It was normal again but most of the players were gone. The "hell" location was not there anymore. It was a relief. But i noticed something, a female wolf with a pink pattern and a bowtie named, "Awesome Sunnybrave" walked up to me and said,

"Let's be best buddies!!

  Created by Peter.beaupre.18

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