[recording starts playing]

Hey, is this thing on? Oh, yeah it is. Um, hi! My name is Little. Uh, it's my first night here in the art museum, they hired me to keep everything in order. Yeah, I'll keep a log.

Right now it's twelve in the morning, and I'm uh, kinda scared! I'll keep you updated if I find anything weird.

[recording cuts off with a buzzing sound]

Chapter One

Little sighed, running his paw through his messy blond hair.

He checked his wristwatch again. 12:01

His office was littered with newspapers, stories, books, pens, everything was a cluttered mess. He sighed, organizing most of the papers before slumping back down on his swivel office chair with a sigh.

He closed the front office window, turned off all the lights, and checked some of the bathrooms to see if anyone was still in there. So far, nothing weird.

"Why would they hire someone as cowardly as me for the job?" he muttered to himself as he tiredly typed up some funny youtube videos on his office PC. "I mean, I can't even do a good job guarding my grandma's radishes, they put me in an art museum?"

He flipped on his desk lamp and took a few minutes to organize most of the newspapers on his desk. Through all the clutter he found some posters of his favorite bands and TV shows, and he took some tacks and pinned them up on his wall.

He tried his best to make his office look unique, even with the sad looking streamers and his few posters. Little picked up an art museum poster, and examined it closely.

Awesome Coolruler Art Gallery!

Exhibits A and B, shows paintings and portraits done by the award-winning artist, Awesome Coolruler!

Featuring Phantom Castle and many more paintings.

June 13, 2016 - June 23, 2016

Open 9:00 am to 8:30 pm on weekdays

Little cracked a small smile, then set the poster back down and swiveled his chair around to face the security cameras. Each screen showed different areas in the large museum, and Little could barely keep his eyes on all of them.

A flashing red light appeared on the camera "Hallway B"

Little got up, put on his 'Oakland Art Museum' cap, and took his flashlight.

"It', action time."

Chapter Two

Little shook as he silently stepped out of the front office and into the main hallway. Hallway B was next to the realism paintings, which shouldn't be a big of a problem. He was afraid that he might be jumpscared, or maybe led into a wild hunt, but he managed to keep himself calm, muttering a prayer or two before crossing into Hallway A.

The walls were lined with realistic portraits, and their eyes seemed to be boring into Little's skin. The beam of light that was cast from the flashlight seemed to make the shadows even more impatient, crawling across the floor in search for small corners to hide in.

He gulped, his eyes wandering from portrait to portrait. At night, they looked eerily creepy, and Little felt himself let out a small whimper as he passed by each one. He concentrated on the floor, trying to block out his thoughts. Suddenly, he heard alarms beeping, causing him to jolt and shriek.

Little ran into the nearest janitor's closet, flipping the light switch and locking himself inside. He couldn't take it. Two hours into the first night and he's already done for? He let the tears stream down his face as the alarm blared outside. Footsteps ran down the hall, and Little suddenly stopped. The footsteps came to a halt, then turned to the janitor's closet, getting closer every second.

Hands suddenly turned the handle, and Little curled up into a ball. A click, and the alarm stopped. Whoever was standing at the doorway gasped, and poked the teenager curled up into a ball.

Little opened his eyes and looked up. A hooded figure dressed in black, eyes gleaming red. He gasped and moved backwards slowly, away from whoever was staring him down. The figure took off its hood, revealing bleached white hair.

"Wh...who are you? What are you doing here? They hired a runt to watch over the museum? No wonder this was such an easy job."

Little stared. He finally managed to utter a few words. "Awesome? that you?"

The white haired man just sighed and said, "No, it's not "awesome", it', my name is Marc. Whadda they call you, runt?"

Little finally realised that this version of his friend, Awesome, had one black eye and a couple of scars running down his nose. He looked a little younger than his friend, of course, and his white hair wasn't straight up. It was more down than up, of course messy, and little tufts of black hair stuck out as well.

He stood up, gulped, and introduced himself.

" name's uh, Jasper. Everyone calls me Little, though, since I'm...short."

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