// Before the Search for Spaghetti, the small phantom king had to go through a lot of pain and obstacles to get from his lowly place into what he is. Well, was. Spaghetti has left behind his kingship in the dusty ruins of the phantom's castle. However, a dark force is rising against Jamaa. The glitches are back and they will not stop until they have put an end to Awesome and his friends. //

The Escape

Spaghetti shivered as he hunched himself against the cold, stone dungeon wall. There truly was no escaping this place, was there? The phantoms kept a high security in and around the dungeon, letting no prisoner escape. On the week of the Night of the Phantoms festival, there seemed to be less guards. More and more out celebrating the week dedicated to them, and the week gave them a chance to mildly terrorize Jamaa, well, just jokingly.

Next week was the week of the Night of the Phantoms, and Spaghetti thought that this would be a good time to try and break out. For days, he had been planning this escape, hearing from other prisoners the gossip that usually went around in the dungeon. The dungeon had three floors, and news travelled quickly. With this news, Spaghetti thought that it would be good to just sit and listen, then later on plan.

"I think I've got everything ready," Spaghetti whispered, feeling around the dungeon wall. His small paws felt the stone wall until he found a very loose stone. He had tried to loosen it for a couple days, and loosened it just enough to take it out and fit his hand right through it. Luckily for him, the room next to his wasn't even a cell, it was just a room that had a bunch of vials filled with purple goo. Spaghetti remembered studying about phantoms some time ago, and it is said that concentrated goo in vials may help turn some people into phantoms, for a short period of time.

Spaghetti hesitated before taking the stone off. He could get caught doing this, and who knows what would happen if he got caught! Spaghetti crossed his fingers before slowly removing the stone from the wall, and looked through the small opening where the stone used to be. Sure enough, there it was. Vials and vials of purple goo placed in boxes. There was one open box right by the opening, as if put there on purpose. Spaghetti reached into the box and took out a vial, and slowly pulled his paw back into his cell.

The small vial felt smooth in his paws, and gave off an odd, purple glow. It felt strange, holding something that didn't belong to him, that belonged to the enemy. But, he thought, this will get me out of here. I'm sure of it. He slowly opened the vial and looked inside. The goo looked smooth and glossy, its sparkling dark surface gleamed with mystery. If what Spaghetti learned was true, if this goo would slowly turn him into a phantom for a short period of time, and if his plan didn't backfire, he'd get out of here at last.

Following the instructions he remembered from school, he raised the vial above his head and turned it upside-down so all the goo would pour down on him and, in a matter of seconds, turn him into a phantom. First, Spaghetti felt a tingling in his fingers and toes. His stomach did flops, and his head began to spin. He wailed in agony as the goo began to take effect. His paws and legs turned to slimy, purple tentacles, and his head and body converted into one big ball. A giant eye appeared right in the middle of his body, and a whizzing, electric sound formed at his tentacles. Spaghetti was a phantom now, no longer what he used to be before.

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