Entry 1

I can't remember how long it has been since the Alphas left Jamaa. They left Jamaa, taking all the gems and diamonds. They said that they needed to move on, to help another world. They said that Mira, the great gray heron, had spoke with god-like beings that called themselves 'AJHQ', and AJHQ needed them to help another world. The left, saying we would be fine on our own with the lesser alphas.

Oh, how they were wrong. Very very wrong.

I remember the day when they left. The moment they disappeared, it seemed as if all the glory and love had been sucked out of this pitiful world. Phantoms immediately seized the opportunity, running rampant in our woods, phantomizing animals. Cosmo had let loose all his chomper plant seeds before he left 'to protect us'. They did at first, diminishing the phantom population by thousands, even millions, until there were only a few left.

With less phantoms, the plants adapted to us. They would sneak up on unsuspecting jammers and gobble them up before disappearing into the ground to digest its prey.

With less jammers, they adapted to feeding off buildings. Wood, straw, anything more fragile than stone was obliberated. Thankfully, the jammers who hadn't been eaten yet had realized that the weapons that were in the ruined shops were more of a help than the shop itself, so now we manage to barely survive.

Entry 2

We tried starting a government a few times before, but they either were too weak or too strong. Either way, they were overthrown. Now, we sort of just broke up into groups or loners.

Oh, have I forgot to introduce myself?

It has been so long since the Alphas left, I have forgotten my name. You can call me Snow. Snow Thebunny, age 14. I have white fur and light blue eyes, just in case anyone is reading this. I'm also very, very small. My friend, before she got eaten by a chomper, always told me that I am talk super mature for my age. A lot of people tell me that. Anyway, I think I will write a little bit about my story down tomorrow. Sorry for the short entry!!

Entry 3

Welp, here we are. I came from a wealthy family of bunnies. Not much to that. I was only about 4 when the alphas left, but I am a mature rabbit. A few days ago, long after the idea of a government had been tossed and jammers had resorted to... primitive ways, my family lived in a small burrow in the ground. We were part of a bigger bunny/hamster/other-small-animal community, one of the only ones left. A bigger community, but still small. About 5 families. Small, but bigger than just 1. Anyway, we were chilling.

We were chilling on a really cold December, during the barely surviving idea/celebracion of torn and poor Jamaalidays. We were all super hungry because we recently had a mole-attack that stole most of our food. We were so cold and hungry... all huddled up around a little fireplace. All of the sudden, the burrow began caving in and snow poured in to add to the coldness. We were just beginning to hop out of the deep snow when a pair of jaws snapped. A starving, bony fox had caused the collapse to eat us up!! We began panicking and sprinted different directions.

I came back to the remains of our burrow after the bony fox attack, but I only found snow and blood trails. All of the trails started in different directions, but all ended up leading to the same place. How on earth did that flea-ridden fox manage to catch all of my buddies?!

Chapter 4 (Recent)

I was doing the daily revisit of my crumbled old house, and there was the fox!! Not any fox. It was Amelie, the Fox ALPHA!! That explained it. She was more powerful than other foxes and much, much smarter. She ran at me, jaws snapping, her stomach still very plump from her recent... feast. Doesn't she know how to save up her food for later?? I understand why wolves don't bury deer carcasses, but rabbits are small enough to bury!!

Almost as if she had read my thoughts, she growled "Prey is always stolen by other little freaks." I tried to run, but she used her stupid magic alpha powers to blast of, leaving a trail of black smoke behind. She got me in a moment, struggling in her jaws. She didn't even bother trying to kill me. She was straight up trying to swallow me, alive and whole!! What a cruel, disgusting world this is. Not even the graceful fox alpha bothered to spare the pain.

I then realized how small I am. Small enough to fit in a fox's mouth!! And so easy to kill....

Anyway, I managed to escape by biting her muzzle with my razor-sharp buck teeth. But of course, she still caught me again. She is an alpha, after all. She managed to fit the whole of me (except for my paws, which were holding onto a tooth for dear life!!) in her stinky, putrid-smelling mouth.

All of the sudden, she spat me out and shook, then taking off, kicking up dirt and snow.

Chapter 5

I immediately looked around for what had scared her away, but I looked for too long. A beautiful arctic wolf arrived before me, her luscious glossy fur moving smoothly. I gasped.

"Oh great Juno, gracious protector of the arctic wolves," I squeaked, bowing. "I am a fan and follower of you, your loyal rabbit." Actually, I didn't really know her that much, only saying what I said to allow for a chance of survival.

"Arise, little bunny. I shall protect you, feed you, and shelter you for giving me your respect and honor." She gestured for me to ride on her back, which I did. I didn't want to be treated like a baby, but I don't want to be eaten either.

She took me into her little cave. I didn't like it that much because it was cold and was pitch black, but it was better than being eaten. She told me to slide down her tail onto a flat rock, which I politely did. After hearing some more thumps and clicks, I was pretty sure I was safe.

"Kneel down and eat." I knelt down and took a bite of pitch black food. I had no idea of what I was eating, but it was warm and delicious. I lapped up some liquid, then continued to politely stuff myself to the brim with food. After announcing that I was done, she gave me some dead moss to act as a blanket. She did not have to turn off the lights because there were none on.


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