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Master Cleverclaws was a wolf born with orange overfur. The other wolves teased her about this, so she eventually left the pack, leaving her comfort zone behind. Nobody knew of her disappearance, but they soon noticed the orange wolf had gone missing. Despite their efforts, they never found her. No, Master had gone on to a new life, one she had never imagined. She had become the ruler of the foxes when their Alpha was missing. Yes, the foxes. She doesn't know how she did it. She doesn't even know why she did it. But she did it. This is the story of how she became the ruler of the foxes, and how she managed to get away with it.

Chapter 1: If We Just Eat an Orange

"We can all avoid scurvy if we just eat an orange!" Upon hearing this, Master sighed. It was another day of being teased by her siblings because of her orange fur. At least her mother was good enough to stop it...not. She never did anything to stop the teasing. Not one thing. Ever. It was like Master was a machine to her mother. Her feelings were invisible. Her dad had been claimed by the Phantoms years ago, before she was born. Now she was teased by her older brothers for not only being the only female pup in the family, but for having vivid orange fur instead of navy blue fur.

That night, she ran away while her family was asleep. She ran away to the top of the volcano where wolves and Arctic wolves met for partying most full moons. Tonight, though, there was no full moon party. This gave Master the opportunity to go straight to the top of the volcano and stare at the moon, which, though miles away, seemed bigger than anything she had imagined. She howled at the moon, but her howl had a songlike structure. It started somewhat high, then went low, then in between, then high again, then low again, then in between. This howling song was her family's heirloom, being passed from generation to generation. It was a song of time.

Master ran down the volcano and ran into a fox. "Oh..." The fox looked at Master, surprised. " look different." "Yeah," Master began, "I..." She stopped. If the fox knew she was a wolf, it'd run away from her. She needed some friends! "I...was born with this body structure," she finished. "Is that so?" the fox replied. "Well, we're looking for a fox to rule us while the Alpha, Amelia, is missing. Can you--" "Fill in that role?" Master interrupted. "I'd love to!" She then introduced herself. "My name's Master Cleverclaws. Just call me Master." The fox introduced itself in return. "Nice to meet you, Master! I'm Eternal Bravespirit. I go by Eternal." "Cool!" Master said. "Nice to meet you, Eternal. Now where does the fox leader go?" "Oh. Follow me! I'll take you there!"

The duo came to the foxes' territory. It was barren, but not completely. Dens sat all around in a circle. In the center was a bigger den, presumably the Alpha's. It looked empty. "That's your den," Eternal whispered to Master. "Made spiffy and shipshape just for you." Master walked inside. It was spiffy and shipshape! "Thank you," she said to Eternal. "I might as well go to bed now. G'night." "Night, Master," Eternal replied, and he walked over to his den. Master closed her door and skipped over to her bed. It was a queen size--and it was perfectly fit for a queen. She got under the covers, turned off her light, and slept peacefully.

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