It was about 12:00 AM and I was on Animaljam. What I didn't know was something terrible would happen. 

   Something strange was going on. It was the end of May and the Spooky Party was going on. I went to the party to see what was happening. I was immediatlly kicked out. I was sent to the Phantom Vortex. This time though, I saw only phantoms with glowing red eyes as they crept towards me. A message appeared on my screen. It was in the format of the little update things. "COME TOWARDS US IF YOU WANT TO BECOME ONE OF US." Well that's not normal oh well. I thought it was just a late April Fool's joke. Then tons of Tinyninja9000's appeared. Why was there a ton of me all of a sudden. I soon was getting pulled towards them. "WE HAVE HEARD OF YOU BEFORE, YOU WERE A PHANTOM HELPER. WHY AREN'T YOU ONE ANYMORE?" How did they find out I was in The Adventure Creepypasta? I was in the story, a phantom minion named Enchanted MagicNinja. Soon I found myself falling through holes, neverending holes. I was scared now. I shut down my computer and turned it back on. A picture of the phantom king with blood dripping appeared. Then suddenly I was back on AnimalJam. I was a pinkish purple with tons of rares but now I was turning a blackish gray. I was so confused, why was this happening. I decided to check my email. Nothing was wrong or anything luckily. Then my screen flashed red and my wolf was missing an leg. "THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR NOT BUYING A MEMBERSHIP AGAIN" This is why their mad at me."YOUR ALSO VERY WEALTHY IN RARES."

  This would go on too. "ON YOUR BIRTHDAY WE WILL HAUNT YOU AGAIN" Then they dissapeared. A message popped up saying that they will haunt all jammers and delete all of their data. I shall start a army and add all people in this story scaring the phantoms I will do it. KABBOOOOOM thunder clashed outside. A mailman appeared at my door. I opened the door. "I have a ppackage here for Tinyninja9000? Apparently her name is Joanna?" Yeah that's me. I grabbed the package and ran inside to open it. A card with a bleeding panda. It read, on Your birthday you will have your last taste of cake. A bloody knife was in the box... I freaked out. WHY THE HELL IS THIS HAPPENING! I threw the package away in fear. Remember be careful of your actions. Whatever you do, be careful.  

  "Tinyninja9000 what is happening!" screamed ShyStar. "Did you run out of tomatoes again?" I asked. " NO PHANTOMS ARE ATTACKING ME IM IN THE VORTEX!" Crap. I forgot today was my birthday and it was the haunting hour, or day. When every jammer would feel how I felt that day. I called Aj HQ and the stupid music played for about 20 minutes or so. Then I gave up. I went back on Aj and told ShyStar to stay in my den. Soon a pillow turned into the King of Phantoms. "YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU DESERVE." I was hoping we would just throw something at my face but no I was wrong. He locked up ShyStar and put her in a cage. She then disappeared in a giant puff of smoke. I felt terrible this was all my fault. I decided I would go and retrieve her. First I needed some recruits. I decided to get my best friend in real life and virtual to help. Her name was ilovewolves9090. She was awesome, she introduced me to this game which was now becoming a nightmare. She is a member. I used to be a member for about three or four years straight. Then my mom thought I was playing less often and refused to buy me a new membership. I also got my little brother to help. His name is Sharky9000. I introduced him to the game and now he plays like crazy. Especially on the bouncy houses, I don't have a clue either. I wasn't off to the best start, but this would get better. I would save ShyStar and become the AnimalJam hero. Maybe I could even become an alpha that would be cool. Hmm, what if one of the adventures leads to the Phantom Castle. Oh Well see ya for now I'm on the search for recruits.     

  "Hello there!" shouts a bubbly voice. I turn around to see a raccoon of the secret color and pink. She is covered in pink wear from head to toe.     

  " My name's Bon Bon!" She shouts.     

  "Hello, I am tinyninja9000, call me tiny." I reply solemnly.     


  "I can't, I started all of this anarchy. People are dying and the phantoms are seeping into the real world. All because of me." I cry.     

  I must be the one to stop them all.     

  "Well you will," ShyStar puts a paw on my shoulder.     

  "Your back, and you brought the gang. Meet Bon Bon." I say.     

  "Nice to meet you, we need all the help we can get."     

  We walk down the long roads of Jamaa and see the world being encased in black goo. Ugh, gross. Phantoms are knocked out and Bon Bon groans constantly. "Ewwwww." Rings in my ear. We arrive to the clinic in Kimbara. Lets hide out here for now. I cover the door with medical equipment, and start hearing groans again. Except they aren't Bon Bon's.     


Animaljam me
*Put details of yourself in the comments if u wanna be in the story!*

Also you are welcome to buddy me Im Tinyninja9000, just send me a message saying you read my story.

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