Chap. 1: The Murders Cruel hackers of the Animal Jam game pretended to be workers and part of the AJ staff, so they created a major change to the game. A war thing and animals could get killed.

After the edit, a group of hackers was arranged so they could test, and they found success. 

For now on, the Jammers could declare war. To do this, they clicked on a jammer's name tag and then the Jammer's player card would show up, a new button added. The image was a bloody sword, and if clicked, war will be declared and the player would receive a notification, and then both Jammers had 1 week to convince other players to be on their army. 

When war happened, the army members had to press as many buttons as possible when near a Jammer so they could kill them. Then, an image will appear on the screen. A short animation of your player killing the other Jammer, and then it would close. Then a faded blue spirit of the Jammer you killed will appear, and you had to dodge all of their attacks otherwise you will be killed.

For a war to the finish, every Jammer participating had to die. Only certain players of yours will die, and you will be banned if all of your forms die. Also, once your animal dies, you cannot create that same animal again. And once you were banned you could never revive. Ever.

Chap. 2: A New Potion

The same team of hackers that had created the new war method were in for another turn. They had second thoughts on their old decisions and were fed up with their players being killed.

So, they hacked again and made a major edit, not so big as the previous one.

From now on, every living Jammer will be rewarded with one healing potion, and that potion had the ability to unban and revive banned and killed players. And you had to be careful on what player you chose to revive because once you used the healing potion, you could never use it again. Unless you killed at least 100,000,000 jammers you would get one new potion, but once you used it on one Jammer, you would never get one until you kill the same amount of Jammers.

And it went on. Few Jammers were happy for a while... But there was one Jammer named Emperor Shivermoon, who was exceptionally good at this new battle feature.

In real life, Emperor was a snob, and he was highly selfish, and he always kept his healing potion to himself. He was a fan of horror and he only played horror games, and he had quit AJ a while ago but he went back on it thanks to the new feature.

There was another Jammer named Pilgrim Futurecroc, who was a tiger, whilst Emperor was a cheetah. Pilgrim was very kind, slightly nerdy and a good friend, he loved to read and wasn't a huge fan of horror, but since he loved AJ he continued playing it because he liked the way it was.

Pilgrim always avoided war whenever he could, but if you didn't declare war on Animal Jam for over 6 months, one of your avatars shall be killed. If you still didn't declare war for over 9 months, all of your avatars will be killed. Pilgrim literally screamed his head off and hid under his desk when he got a notification explaining how Emperor had declared war against him.

After a week of gaining members had passed, Pilgrim had little success. He had only gained 6 army members, which you would have thought that would've been good for him, but it was not. A good army needs 20-30 army members, and Pilgrim was nowhere near. Neither was Emperor, although he still had 13 members. 

The first animal to be killed by Emperor was an innocent jammer named Flora. Flora Funnyjammer, to be exact. Flora was a bunny who was thinking about quitting AJ but was convinced to stay by her best friend.

_ Jammer's friend