Day 1

Dear diary,

My life is not like before, I left jamaa. I want to discover the real world. See the outer animals and snow falling. my life is a quest, nor a race. That's all for today

Day 2

Dear diary,

The sky has been dark, my life is semi-nocturnal. I changed my life becoming nocturnal. Prey is harder to get there is only one sky, it's dark to me. The only food I ever get is horribly rabbit, they can come out at night. The grass seems darker to me the trees aren't as amazing, I wish I could turn my life around, again.

Day 3,

Dear diary,

Today I realized I still have my inventory, what is in it? I looked at it. A moon necklace and a black violin were the last items I have. I put on my moon necklace and my violin. I did a thing that was not allowed in jamaa, played the violin. All creatures of outer jamaa heard it. I stopped and put it back. But, the sun won't shine in my life, I'm still nocturnal, the only light is the glowing moon.

to be continued

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