This is a weird scriptish roleplay thing.. Don't take it seriously, and you can add your own characters. Not always AJ related. Contains many, many spelling errors deliberately. 245.6% true story!

Da intro

Ello mah name is KoishiSan! I am a dweeb. My life is extremely screwed up and also weird. I live in an undergroumd bunker with animatronics. And it's a long story whai. FYI my best friend is Toothless. So yah, let's, like... Begin.... :out of tune dramatic how to train your dragon music plays:

Blurgh part 1 bro

Dis is burk. Tbh it isn't but Toothless thinks it is.. So i had lived in a normal rock with my animatronic squad of Bonnies for a few milleniums.. Then we met toothless and Vincent.. So ya. Me and Wither (withered Bonnie) were both going out to the park and then toothless was there. Being the fan girl / fan boy / fan wolf thing I am, I shrieked and worshipped toothless. He became my friend because he just did. But Vincent was liek, this kid he looked like 6 but he had growth defifiency and he's 12. Toothless and I just watched him go around pushing kids off of the slides and killing them :). But then after a few hours of processing the info,



Ok so I liek, went up tu Vincent and seaid,

"ELLO! CAN U COME HOME AND HELP US PLS? WE NEED NEW MEMBERS IN OUR SQUAD!" Idek why but he said ya. Rori was liek terrify'd. Idk why she just was ok? Ok. Toothless sleeps in my bed now and I sleep on the floor omg but wotevrs! K I'm too lazy to write the past years

Anoher person I kno.

So I have this old relative.. No tbh he's not old he's like twenny??? Idk ok stop harassing me for answers u guise! K so anyway, i saw purple guy liek murdering these kids and I was like LOL and I joined in! Btw if u turn up the brightness until it permanentlay damages your eyes, you will see me in teh minigaems! K anyway then I saw Jessidy. He liek, looks 54.10.$£ percent like me but his ears r bigger and fluffier and he doesn't have a ruff and he's light grey and he wears liek, a nite guard uniform and ya... Idek! Omfg I can't spell today :((( lemme try and spell it rite... Dogg. OMG YES FINALLY I CAN SPELL DOGG JS! k anyway, liek, it wasn't pixelated BC I looked fat in the pixel mini game so o turned it off BC I could. But Jessidy liek, ripped off my elf bracelets and so I punched purple guy's knee and he threw a crowbar at Jessidy, after we did a real big fite and then i gave them both snicker bars and they became temselves egain. And Jessidy was banging on about some schewpid stuff called jail and then liek, he used a fone and cooled the polic!!, luciKiki I killed th police"! We went hok annnnd ya I'm too lazy still

Jullyan32 omg ur just jellies

Su like, I was also another dey out trading an then Toothless said, OMG ITS JULLYAN23?2! And Su we went over to him and he send I was a noob BC I can spel better than him :(((((((((((((( he's just jello of me! So ya I reported him and BC nobody beleebes me I got band fur a week :(

Lol wot the heck did I witness?!?!

Su like I was chillin with the Bonnies and like, me and Tech were pleying super Marino brows, and then Vincent come into the room and he was like, KoishiSan u need to come, someones gonna be murdered and if they die so dus a bunch a other charachers idk. I habe no ears lol so idk. actually I do I'm just dum. Actually Im not I'm just o nvm back to the chass here! He grabbed meh arm and drags me to Freddy pizza place thing. a bunch a other guys follower meh... Like,, uh... W8 lemme remebme.??!?! Oh ya! Violet, Springtrap, 6th, Bonnie, Toy Bonnie and Plooshtrap. Oh yea and Jessidy. But aneyemeyanywaYes!!AnisZuiZjisajidawehndbfshfi! Ok so. we went inside and then I was like... WHAT THE HECK?!??!!??!??!??!!?!!!SJOASOJSAJ! Becuz ther was ANOTHER PURPLE WUN!!! he was like a bit younger than PG abut older than Vincent. He said something about... Lol idk, he would get killed by someone called Namara who wanted revenge for killing her brother who killed the other purple wun's friend (Tbh is it me or do all of their friends die?!?!!!!L!L!!!L!?!?!??!!??!?!) Bet anyway, ya. I probably missed out on some crucial information so I just watched. I don't kno his name so I just called him Purple . Vincent knew his name god dammit but I'm too lazy to ask. Anyway, he killed Namara,!, afterwards violet through a brick at her face :D but ya Purple died.. He got tastered. So I had to tazer him again twoce then we took him hom, and tech somehow broth him bk to life! i mean he broke his leg and idk how but he walked on glass without hit hurting what the frickfrock?! But ya happy ending but yeah then the Striga from Guardens of Ga'hoolahoops came! Jessidy Purple and Sans killed him thou. Idk

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