Hey! This is a very important page relating to the Turnabout Wiki story! If you like it so far, this page is super important for you! I have decided that this will be an ongoing series entitled The Turnabout Series. There are going to be six stories in all, including Turnabout Wiki. All stories will have the one Phoinex Wright on them, and the stories with the star means they are finished or under construction.


Six Stories in the Series

  • Turnabout Wiki- Phoinex Wright Crossover with Animal Jam Wiki *
  • Turnabout To The Future- Athena Cykes & Apollo Justice discover more info about their parents
  • Turnabout Dark Mark- Surprise ;) Only if youve ever heard of the 'Dark Mark' would you understand what crossover Phoinex will get himself into. +PL Cameo
  • Turnabout Eternal- Miles Edgeworth goes missing & Accused of Murder

Turnabout End- FINALÉ PART ONE! I understand how I should give a description of what happens but instead, I'll give a line of dialoge,

"Ph-Phoinex...C'mon this isnt funny...Wake up...please......PHOINEX!" *

Turnabout Forever- End of saga, another piece of dialoge:

"Yes, I understand what happened with Phoinex, even if he's gone, all of you, he cleared my name when I was accused of murder just a few months ago. He cleared my name and I'm going to be clearing yours."

I gave dialoge instead because it was easier to sum up everything. If I get too many requests, I'll make more Turnabouts. And Pesky Phantoms will be canceled untill I can find someone else to join.

Thanks for reading!


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