It was a new day in jamaa, i'd just woken up. There i walked out of den to see AJHQ's Mail deliverer, Wretched Majorclaw, He passed out an add saying:

"WELCOME TO A NEW ANIMAL JAM ATTRACTION!" I started looking at the pictures here's what i thought i saw : A black and white picture of a dead fox Then it turned into a fox dressed like balloon boy, weird, i must be dreaming. So i went on the map but it got staticky. I then arrived at Funland There were about one thousand animals! I decided to do the shoot the water competition but then my eyes came to fear.. One fox aimed her arrow wrong and hit one wolf in the HEAD i screamed and ran as the wolf fell dead, blood spluttering from its head. Then i realized everthying was black. A paper next to me said: BURNT DOWN 3 YEARS AGO it said the fellow jammers who died: Icythewolf, Wretchedsillystone, and my surprise was.. MY NAME WAS THERE..

COUNTESSARCTICFOX. That day on i wandered warning the visitors to NEVER stay long. The end..

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