This is a very VERY true story that, like, DEFS happened on YOU BETTER TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once there was this very beautiful, member, rich, SINGLE, stuck up snob that bullied everyone and scammed really other rich people, even JulianKing. Arctic Wolf named Princess PrettyBlossom. She was emo, which automatically made her super cool and stuff. She was in thunderclan, and she was nicknamed Awesomevenom. She was 15 moons old, and she was thought to be like, super wise and stuff, and could even, like, tell the future. ALL OF THE SUDDEN, a very handsome, member, rich, SINGLE bully that was secretly gay and cheated on his lover with, like, 5000000000000000000000 other women. Arctic Wolf who was also emo and, like, super cool, joined thunderclan too. But Madjasterx hated him because they once dated, but they like, broke up. Awesomevenom and the mysterious emo wolf stared at eachother for 1,000 HOURS, and Princess was finally like,"Date me, cutie whose name I don't even know!" And Mysterious EmoWolf (his random new name) was like,"OH YAH! KISS ME, BEBEH!" And, they randomly started making out in front of everybody, but they just cheered and threw money at them. One of them even gave them a pole! But a giant boulder squashed Mysterious EmoWolf, and strangely, realistic blood splattered everybody, and real blood wiped on there screen and on their actual faces. AND... Bopper111 said,"YOU ALL WILL DIE NOW... TOTS!"

                                                                     THE END.


Untitled drawing by ashleaf1-d7psikj

YOU FOUND THE SECRET TEXT! GOOD FOR YOU! Anyways, this story, believe it or not, is fake. IKR!

                                    Happy 200th page,! ~Rags

P.S., if you're reading this, tell me your favorite page on Ajstories.w, well, you know...

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