Everyone knows what really goes on in the Pillow Room, right? It's basically where the mate beggers swarm in, where the party animals take over, and when those stupid kids beg for parents. I've always hated the parent-beggers the most, honestly, mainly because I'm female and most mate beggers are straight and the same gender, so I'm usually not bothered by them. But those kids! AGH! Every time I went into the Pillow Room, I would get Jam-A-Gram after Jam-A-Gram. Adopt me! Be my mommy! Go to my den! Adoption center my den! Please be my mom and get me a daddy! Can you be my mom? I already have a dad, and he needs a girl. It just got so, so annoying. One day, I just got sick of it. I went to the Pillow Room on the server Nile, sitting in a corner and not saying much. It took about ten minutes, far longer than usual, until I got one Jam-A-Gram. I clicked the little icon, and found a message there, the exact same kind of message I had expected to get.

"Hello! I really need a mom, can I go to your den if you will adopt me?" the letter read. I quickly replied, ignoring the username, assuming it was just a random member. I hadn't realized it was actually a non-member who had sent it, doing the AJ impossible. My response had been something like, Of course! Come to my den, sweetie!

I don't think that kid expected it. When she came to my den, a pristine little bunny, I put my plan into action. It was so cruel, but I didn't care! I needed to vent my anger out on a parent-begger. Just get it all out! I roleplayed beating her up. Making her bleed. Hurting her so badly, she would never be the same. She wept and wept, but I never cared. I expected the brat to leave, find a new mother, but she acted like it was real or something. Suddenly, she fought back, but she was actually able to say the words like 'blood' or 'kill'. This is what she did.

. rips out Eternal Arcticwolf's eyes, after tearing off her lower jaw and cutting up her tongue .

. slits open her throat, causing her to choke further on her own blood .

. rolls her trembling corpse over and cuts open her stomach, picking out her organs one by one .

. collects her blood in big buckets .

The thing is, it showed this all happening to my animal. It showed all of it. To this day, I n-never understood how this happened to me. It was like the game was p-possessed or something, I don't know. I logged out before she could f-finish what she was doing to my poor animal, and stopped playing Animal Jam. Forever. If you're reading this, please, don't adopt anyone. Ignore them, say no, just don't reply to them. If you see a little white bunny with brown heart patches, big blue eyes, and cute little clothes, it's all over for you..

..mama was writing naughty things..

..I'm sorry for what mama said, and it's her fault..


..but I can't let you live anymore.