A few weeks ago I decided to switch my account name, I was thinking of starting a youtube channel and I didn't like how CoyoteSpice1 ended in a number. I switched over what items I could over to my new user Spicymoth and continued playing, I sent an email to AJHQ to delete my old profile as I had no use for it anymore. Not really a big deal, I'd been meaning to all year.

It was a few days later I logged on to Animal Jam, I was busy with friends for a few days and I didn't have time to play the game since the account switch . I made a couple trades in Jamaa Township and went back to my den to place the items. I'd seen the 1 player in den notification since I logged on but since I was used to it, I didn't go in until I was finished. When I got there, some wolf had shown up, black fur, black eyes, and my same name as myself, standard new non-member trying to creep me out probably. I locked my den, kicking him out then unlocked it, and forgot about it.

When I logged back on later that night I saw the 1 player in den notification again, this time I went there first, I was used to the notification but not that often. Thats not what concerned me. It was there the second I logged on, meaning they were there, waiting for me to get online.

When I got to my den I was a bit freaked out to say the least, then I saw who it was. The black wolf. Maybe it was one of my friends trying to creep me out? I tried pushing away the horrible thoughts racing through my mind for a while and asked him who he was. He sat there, for a minute or two at least, I waited patiently for him to say the name of a friend.

He spoke. I know who you are, you know what I want. Before he left.

After that my browser crashed, it wouldn't open. Thankfully I found an article on my phone as to how to fix the bug. I opened task manager to close google chrome as a background program when I saw a file, trademe.avi running as a current app. Curious enough I clicked it.  

It was a zoomed in video of the black wolf, the screen capture logo sat in the top corner. He was just sitting there, in my den. I paused it to look at the time, it had already been playing for 52 minutes and there was 3 more hours of what I would have guessed to be more of the same content. It wasn't something I had made, and I don't think any of my friends would take a joke this far. A hacker was my only option left, that is, apart from something other-worldly. 

Intrigued I went to press play again, maybe I'd watch a few minutes, that's when the screen cut out, everything went black, all I could hear was the hum and clicking sound coming from the .avi file. I shut down my computer hoping it would fix the screen problem and the browser problem. I was hoping the next time I logged on he would be there again, and this time I'd get his user name. Thankfully when my laptop came back on everything seemed back to normal, I quickly opened my browser and logged onto Animal Jam. It isn't fair for someone to make me feel fear, I needed to know he'd be dealt with.  

1 player in den

 I got him, I clicked on my den. The second I saw his name tag I clicked on it, but the second i saw his username, I froze. CoyoteSpice1. I had to know who he was, I asked him who he was, I asked him what he wanted, but it was the same reply as last time. I know who you are, you know what I want. Then he was gone again.  

Unknown Caller

 I looked over at my ringing phone. I couldn't pick it up, I knew it was him. The file on my computer, getting onto my old user, and now calling me? I let it ring through, hoping if I ignored him he wouldn't call back again. He did. Over and over leaving voicemails until my inbox was full. It was 3:26 in the morning by now, and I only remember because that's when he left the last voicemail. Each of them were the same, I know who you are, you know what I want. I never should have listened to them 

After that everything stopped. No more calls, he wasn't in my den anymore, and no more files. But I still to this day can't log back on to my CoyoteSpice1 account, nor can I get his voice out of my head. 

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