Please don't take this story seriously, this is old and gross.

"Adopt me!" Those dreaded words.

The Pillow Room was meant to be a place of resting and relaxing, not an adoption centre.

Worse, "Adopt me! Members ONLY! You also need to give me a rare spike..."

Pretty dumb, huh? I went into the Pillow Room and saw the usual, I saw some members jeering the "babies".

I decided to join them.

Bad idea?

Bad idea.

As I laughed and insulted them, the members that were jeering them gradually disappeared.

After the last one was gone, I was silent. The "babies" then suddenly said, "You're next."

"You're next? What is that supposed to-" Before I could type completely, the game crashed.

I logged in again, only to be greeted by this message, "Thanks for playing with me!"