Lucky didn't remember exactly what happened. He just fell through a hole, and there he was. The strange, colorful land. As he got up from the slumber he was in, he gasped. "Great galloping goblins!"

As Lucky rose to his paws, there were colorful buildings everywhere. Even the animals there were colorful. He saw a few talk to each other. "Ewe okay from that big fight you were in?" one of them asked.

"I'm okay, but the guy just rammed into me!"

Lucky's mouth hung opened. What was wrong with these people? He decided to look around some more. Another wolf strolled alongside with another. "Hey Duke."

"Hey Shy."

"Winter is pretty bad this year, am I right?"

"I'm sure a nice, warm, frosted cake might help."

"That might help. Snow wonder you're so good at baking!"

Lucky decided to stop by and talk with them for a moment. "Um, could you guys tell me where I am?"

Shy and Duke looked surprised. "Why, Punotropia of course!"

Then Duke continued talking to Shy. "Did you hear about that guy who got his entire left side cut off?"

"Yep," Shy said. "But he's all right now."

Lucky slapped his paw against his forehead. What was going on? Maybe he could find someone else to talk to.

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