Do you know what it feels like to be Goo? I do. My name is Aegga. I am a Paramecium. 

The REAL story

I was Very Lonely in the Grass. Grass kept poking my Gooa (Part of me) and Other Parameciums kept annoying me. Then a Humanoid Walked right up to me and threw a Ball at me. Wierd enough, the ball opened up and it caught me in there. The place where I was sucked into was closed SHUT. At least it was comfortable in there. I shrunk to fit into the Ball automatically. Then, a green light appeared, and a "Ding" sound came from my ball. Then they Popped open the ball. I came out as my Usual Self.  The Humanoid said, That isn't a POKEMON! Then he threw some bottle of something on me.

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